Friday, November 13, 2020

Time for the Friday five....

 Hello, all!  Have you had a good week?  Are you staying safe and healthy?  What about the progression of the season where you are?

That leads into one of the things that I have enjoyed this week....

1)  We have a couple of dogwood trees that we ordered from the Arbor Day Foundation several years ago. They aren’t native, and have a different “schedule.”  This is one of them this week....

The season of fall has been especially lovely here this year.

2)  I’ve been reading several books, and this has become a favorite....

Reflections on patriotism, as viewed by Dan Rather, a well-respected journalist.

3)  Simple things, such as Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top....

Spaghetti and meatballs!  Always a favorite! 

4)  A surprise included in our curbside order from our favorite market this week....

5)  The Husband has a really strong liking of cornbread!  Planning to bake it lends to other ideas of things in the oven as well.  It was very enjoyable to have this cozy meal on a very rainy day this week....
As he had a favorite, I included one of mine....cauliflower with cheese sauce!  

Today is World Kindness Day.  There are a few hours remaining.  How could you show kindness to someone today?

As always, be sure you are taking appropriate precautions during this pandemic.  The local numbers are not going in a good direction.  Be safe, stay well, wear a mask, avoid large crowds, and wash your hands often!



  1. Our trees are pretty much bare now. Some leaves hold tight to the tree though.
    The virus is going crazy here in our county!! But we are both fine and healthy so far.

  2. I love spaghetti and meatball and grated parmesan is always a good finishing touch (plus a sprinkle of hot pepper for me). You should run a catering business.

    Our trees are bare right now. We have snow in the forecast for next week. I'm hoping it will be only a little.

    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Sister, as always, I love your Friday Five, especially those that involve food! :-) Since we now live in the same town, I suppose my trees are pretty much the same as yours, although there was a day you got lots of rain when I got only a few sprinkles.

    Showing kindness should come easy for us who are so fortunate, but alas, I find rudeness far too often. For myself, though, I'm in a place where there are lots of folks who come to my door to serve me in some way, so it's quite simple to give them a smile behind my mask, hope it shows in my eyes, and always, always, thank them for all they do to make my life so pleasant. Hope you've had a good day. Love you!

  4. When it get cold and blustery, I want to cook!

  5. A deliciously warm and cosy blog! We are currently in, what I describe as the no man's land between the seasons. No longer really Autumn, but not quite Winter. Parmesan was made for any tomato sauce dish! What a lovely surprise in your order too. Enjoy it, you deserve it for all the sacrifices you and your hubby are making at this time.
    Stay safe and well! xoxo

  6. Glad to find your blog...thanks for the advice on a good book !