Friday, January 1, 2021

A list on Friday....

 Although the Christmas/holiday celebrations have been altered greatly this season, there was a need to take some time for recharging.  Following are some of the recharging techniques here.

1)  Taking time for a special tea break on a busy morning was a good idea!  It was the perfect time to begin reading “Enchanted,” the first chapter of a book by Susan Branch.  The teaspoon was a Christmas gift.

 2)  For the past several years, The Husband and I have celebrated New Year’s Eve by going to Red Lobster for an early dinner.  Those wonderful cheese biscuits are really difficult to resist.  This season, however, there is no going out to eat.  I was happy to find a copycat recipe in my files for these biscuits.  They were a perfect accompaniment to my favorite soup....Chicken Wild Rice!

3)  These soup mugs are ideal for serving soup and keeping it from becoming too cool.  In this picture, the mug contains homemade vegetable beef soup using a beef bone from our Christmas Day roast.

4)  Black-eyed peas have become a tradition on New Year’s Day.  I remembered to set them to soak on New Year’s Eve, and although there is no picture, they were very tasty earlier today!

5)  This was my favored position in the early evening on New Year’s Eve.  As we are all about relaxing these days, it was very soothing to sit in front of the fireplace in something comfy.  The pajamas were designed by Susan Branch several years ago.

6)  We especially enjoyed this presentation on PBS.  It was perfect for New Year’s Eve.

Now we are at the first day of the new year.  None of us know what this year will bring, though there is the promise of a vaccine which is hoped to bring an end to this pandemic that has turned things upside down for all of us.  We will be ready for that when our turn comes!

May the coming year be one of hope and joy for you!


  1. Sister, I always enjoy your Friday Five lists, and I really love this one! It's been a strange year, for sure, but that just gives us more to look forward to in 2021, right? Stay warm and cozy. Love you!

  2. Happy New Year. I love those biscuits from Red Lobster. I sure miss going out to eat once in a while!!

  3. I wonder if your jammies are made using an Emma Bridgewater print? My EB heart apron seems to be the exact match. As always, your food looks delicious. I miss going out for food from time to time but, like you, am getting by without. Deb xo

  4. Happy New Year Nellie. I hope that it brings good things for everyone.
    That a lovely teapot. A hot cup of tea is a good way to relax. I had mine with a Cranberry cookie. New Years Eve was celebrated by going to church and I sang solo because of Covid. We ate leftovers.

    We don't have a Red Lobster here in our city but every time we go to Ottawa, we are treated to red Lobster and those cheese drop biscuits are the best. I too make those biscuits. You have given me the incentive to make some today.

    We used to go out to breakfast with friends every Sunday but haven't gone lately. We have ordered food from our favorite seafood restaurant occasionally.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. Oh, I love those Red Lobster biscuits also, and make them every now and then. We haven't dined in a restaurant since March, but do order for delivery, etc. So we ordered Chinese for New Year's Eve dinner. We really miss meals in a restaurant, esp breakfast. Love your jams! Happy New Year!

  6. Everything looks so cozy and welcoming in your home, Nellie. Wishing you hope and love and happiness in the coming year, my friend! xo

  7. I just told my hubby today that I really missed going to Red Lobster! lol. I have had a yen for Lobster for months now and we can't get it anywhere here except Red Lobster.
    I hope you and your hubby have a blessed, wonderful 2021 xo Diana

  8. Am I the only person who has never tasted Red Lobster biscuits, it sounds like I'm missing out 😁
    Love your teapot, so sweet.
    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year Nellie !