Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Winter light....

 We have had a series of grey days here, with the sun trying valiantly to appear.  

Grocery store tulips add some color and cheer.

The January tree, trimmed with snowmen, snowflakes, and stars gives special light in the evenings.

We lit candles this evening in memory of those who have passed away due to COVID.  Did you see the display in Washington, DC?  Very moving and sobering.  

I send you wishes for good health.  Stay safe!  Be well!  


  1. Your lights are all so lovely, Sister! Where I am, I have lots of streetlights and outdoor lights....just part of living in the city, I guess. Love you!

  2. I love your idea of a snowy tree in January! It's so grey here I could use some of that light and charm!

    Stay safe and stay well
    Deb in Wales

  3. Your place look well lighted. Wishing you some warm sunny days.
    We all need as much sun as we can. The tulips sure are a welcome sight.
    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. We just keep getting more and more snow every day. The sun makes an appearance each afternoon for a little bit. Nice to see the pretty tulips.

  5. Pretty lights and tree, Nellie! 4" more snow here now but it's finally sunny! Be safe, take care

  6. I saw the memorial to the COVID victims and was moved by it.


  7. That same evening, I too had a candle in my study window to commemorate those who lost their lives due to Covid-19. And, yes, I did catch that truly moving memorial moment in Washington.

    Your bouquet of tulips gave me a jolt of joy when I opened your post. Hope you are keeping well on this weekend. xo

  8. Hello Dear Nellie....My auntie died this week of COVID and my heart is so sad. This is a killer virus, especially for the elderly. I am so happy you stopped by. We must appreciate life's little gifts. Hugs to you. Susan

  9. Yes...also lit a candle during the ceremony. Very moving. God bless all who lost someone. Anxiously waiting for the vaccine! Take care:-)

  10. Loved seeing your tulips. I think I need a bouquet to brighten up these winter days, too. My days were brightened when I got my first dose of vaccine ten days ago. So grateful!

  11. I really like all your photos of light around your home. Your white table and chair is so cute, and my daughter has one just like that. Yes, we need LIGHT during these troubling times.