Tuesday, January 5, 2021

This new year....

 ....is off and running!  How is it going for you thus far?  Do you have any special “tools” to keep up with what is happening?

These are sure to be a focus in our house....

What an excellent page to begin the year!  Are you feeling any stress?  Do you have some special techniques for stress relief?  This is the January focus on the Susan Branch wall calendar, my favorite!
The month ahead began with a blank slate....a brand new start!  That is, of course, what we have every morning....a brand new day!  
This is my desk calendar, the one that has everything I might be doing during the year.  Understandably, it’s quite void of any appointments or activities.  I am using it as my daily journal instead.  It’s a good place to record words referring to current moods, frustrations, or developments around us.

Do you record the happenings in your day in some way?  Do you have the habit of writing in a journal?  

How is the vaccine administration going where you are?  It’s progressing rather slowly here, in my opinion.  We’re hoping for a speedier approach very soon!

Take care, be safe, and stay well!


  1. I am reusing an old, unused diary, just carefully overwriting the numbers. You may know, the whole of the UK is now on Tier 5 lockdown maybe into March. It's bleak, but we must do what we can.

    Deb xo

  2. Well, Sister, so far my year is going as smoothly as possible, I think. No real problems yet, and lots of reasons to be thankful for a fresh start! Each new day gives us opportunities that we sometimes have to look for, but they're there, just waiting for us to grab them. Right now, I'm thinking about grabbing a nap, and that's something I can always do successfully! :-) Have a good afternoon. Love you!

  3. I kept a journal for years until I stated blogging. My blog is my journal now. Not too long ago I threw all my journals in the fire.
    I don't really stress about things. I'm pretty easy going. I take it a day at a time.
    Don't think anyone in our county as gotten the vaccine yet.

  4. I have Susan's Martha's Vineyard wall calendar this year. It makes me happy to view on the side of my fridge. I do keep a daily journal of my life. I record our walks, meals, and goings on in them.
    The rollout of the vaccines is slow here, too Nellie. I sure hope that will change soon. Take care and continue to stay safe. xoxo

  5. So far, the year has started on a new page but there is no telling where it will end up. I'm usually optimistic but the world needs a lot of prayers right now.

    The forces of evil is in battle against good forces but we know that when we have God on our side the victory belongs to God.

    In this new year, I put all my trust in God.

    I used to write a journal every day and when I started to blog, I quit. I now have returned to write a journal every night where I examine my day.

    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. I have Dog on my side. 2021 has been nasty so far, but that means things will get better.


  7. Hi Nellie - Don't you just love Susan Branch calendars ??? I have a smaller one and like you, not much going on but hope that changes after the vaccine. We live in 55+ Retirement Community that also has nursing, assisted living, etc. if we need it down the road. The nursing home residents and staff got the first vaccine last week...don't know when us "independent living" people will get it, but as soon as they offer it we will be right there! As far as a journal...I was pretty good at writing each morning after exercise in my quiet time before I headed to work. Now retired...I am not so diligent. I am trying...this year I made monthly goals and hope to write more often. Especially after the tragic day in DC yesterday...want to write about that and how we can go on. Hope your New Year is happy and blessed!

  8. Good post, Nellie! Yes, I write in a journal, but not every day, only when there is something significant. I am going to check out the Susan Branch calendars, thanks! So now the new year has begun, let's hope and pray it is better than the last. This country definitely needs some help!

  9. Susan Branch calendars are so delightful. I always get my Mary Engelbreit every year, and it brings joy to my heart. They are so colorful and dear to me. It's good that you write in a journal. I've always loved to write in them, although it's been awhile since I did.