Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Around the house....

Hello, friends!  I want to take a little time and show you something from around the house.

Some of you know that I have a "do-it-yourself" kind of husband.:-)  This is a picture of his latest project two weeks ago.  He decided to replace the carpet in the hallway with hardwood, using wood that had been leftover from a flooring project at our other house about 10 years ago.  This is something he had never done before, and I am really pleased with his efforts.  The second picture shows the hallway as he finished it last week, doing all the work by himself!  Quite an accomplishment, in my opinion.  He more than met his goal of having it done by Christmas!

Now, I want to show you a few other things around the house that indicate Christmas is coming.  Little Teddy Beanie Baby has assumed his position atop some really good Christmas reading material.  He looks forward to a little pat on the head should someone decide to choose a book to read.:-)

Next is a collection of some other favorite Christmas books, placed conveniently to give encouragement to stop our mad dashing around long enough to sit and enjoy some good reading.

If you haven't checked out Susan Branch's website today, it might be a good idea to do so.  She has some marvelous suggestions for helping to relieve the stress many of us may be experiencing at this point in the season.

I thank you for reading my blog and following along.  I appreciate you!


  1. Oh Nellie...tell your husband he did an amazing job on this floor! It is so beautiful! Wow..I am impressed!! smile...

    I loved Susan's blog as always she knows exactly what we need!! smile...


  2. That floor really does look great! Tell him I'm proud of him! As for the books, well, you know how I feel about books, but if I took one from your stack, it would be quite awhile before you'd get it back, so I'd better leave those for someone who's staying a bit longer! :-)

  3. Wow - what a beautiful floor!

    And your cakes in your other posts are making me feel full just from looking! Thank you for commenting, Nellie.