Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas memories....

The stockings are no longer hanging on the mantel.  There were some nice surprises in them this year, as well as an orange and an assortment of nuts.
The bells have been removed from the door knobs.  The ringing they made when someone opened the doors was a nice cheerful sound!

The tree has been packed away until next December.  There are new ornaments added each year for the grandchildren, and our granddaughter (5) especially talked about them this year.  She pointed out that she didn't have a gingerbread man on the tree and her mother, aunts, and brother did! We'll see what appears next year.:-)

We enjoyed reading several annual family letters, as well as seeing pictures that show how much the children have grown!  The two cards on the top are actually water colors by the senders!

As I cut off the front of the card to use for tags on our gifts next year (do you do this?), I remember the connection we have to the people from whom we received a card this year.

The Christmas Memories book, designed by Susan Branch, is ready to be completed.  Friends and family who came to the house during this Christmas season have written words of cheer inside.  Our future son-in-law "raised the bar" a bit, so to speak, for the rest of us.:-)  Now, the journal awaits my words.

All because of the birth of "one small child."

Tomorrow - "Ready for the New Year!"


  1. There certainly was great joy at your lovely home on Christmas Day! Thank you for having us there to observe it with the rest of the family.

    I had thought that your "tags" on some gifts were from Christmas cards, but just was not sure. Now, I know how very special they are! That's a wonderful idea, and one I have not had before. I'll see whether I can remember it for next Christmas! I also think that we forgot to sign the book, but that's no great loss! I'm sure Don's comments were more than adequate!

    Happy New Year to you and Gene! Hoping that 2012 holds much peace, love, and joy for everyone! :-)

  2. Oh, yes...that one small Child has brought us great joy and has shown us what love is really all about!

  3. Mom, your pictures look wonderful!

  4. Oh Nellie I love this post! So thoughtful and let us step into your life if only for a post! Smile... our decorations are till up awaiting a celebration with my son & his family!

    We're so thankful for that one small child too!