Tuesday, December 6, 2011

As promised....

As promised yesterday, I will show you a picture of the plate that was served for lunch at our church adult day care center.  No food stylist here!:-)  The menu included turkey and dressing casserole, mixed vegetables, cranberry raspberry salad, and rolls.  Also included were some Christmas cookies.

I feel very blessed that I am able to prepare lunch once a month for this program, which provides an amazing service!

Tomorrow - In the spirit!


  1. Oh Nellie...you are truly a blessing to those you know and care for. This lunch looked very well balanced and delicious!! Now especially those cookies...I am sure they went over very big!! A friend of mine has an exercise group, her mother bakes cookies for them, that she serves once a month. One month she asked this elder gentleman..why he only came to the exercise class once a month? He said "for the cookie"...smile... funny....