Friday, February 3, 2012

Company coming....

....and they're here!  Machoman, our daughter Muchomom, and the little Munchkins are with us overnight, and Country Girl has come for overnight as well.  We are having a good time, of course.:-)  It was Christmas when we were last together, and we are missing City Girl this time.  She was here last week-end.   It is an exciting time around here, and you will be hearing more about that in the future, I'm sure.:-)

Tomorrow (or the next time I'm able to post) - Yes, we have no bananas!


  1. Oh how exciting! Company is always an amazing memory making time...can't wit to hear all about it.


  2. Happy for your company, and I'm sure you are all having a wonderful visit! Exciting times at your house these days, and they're going to be getting even more exciting in the next several weeks! Love to all of you! <3

  3. Well, that <3 is supposed to turn into a heart; at least it does on Facebook, and I'm so in the habit of doing it that I forgot I was not there! Anyway, love to all of you! :-)

  4. Have a lot of fun with your houseful of life!!
    Your post made me so happy.
    All the best,