Saturday, December 8, 2012


The week-end is here!  Does that bring new reasons for excitement to you?

We are excited because Country Man and the mission team he has been part of are to return home today!  They have had a very busy week!

We are also excited because Munchomom was awarded a pass for the front of the line for auditions for a reality cooking show for amateur bakers.  This actually takes place today in the town where City Girl lives, so Munchomom went to stay with her sister for all this exciting time!  I will share with you what she has taken - after the event is over.:-)  If you want to know anything about what kinds of things she cooks, go to which is her food blog.

Of course, we are all excited about this!

Susan Branch design!

I love this flag!  I've had it for several years, and it is beginning to show wear.  I haven't checked her webstore to see if it is still available, but I'd really like to have another.:-)

Appropriate words

And - of course, I am excited to send along wishes for a Merry Christmas to each of you!

Enjoy your week-end!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Precious pictures!

    So happy for your good news.

    Best of luck to the cooking show joiner!


  2. Exciting news for Muncho Mom. I will be waiting to read all about it!

    Have a wonderful day Nellie!

  3. Lots of excitement around your parts! Good luck to Munchomom!


  4. Nellie, I am in the dark about Munchomom...But I know who Susan Branch is and just love all her drawings. Enjoy the weekend,xo,Susie

  5. It sounds so nice. Like a perfect weekend end. I like your flag too.

  6. Well, the family is well aware of Munchomom's considerable abilities in the culinary department, so I hope those in charge will also recognize her ability! She has obviously inherited some great genes from her mother, and a few from a certain great-grandmother, who could feed a small army every day with great efficiency!

    I enjoy your pictures as well!

  7. Lots of fun things happening with you! Have a blessed weekend! It already feels like it's moving too fast!

  8. Can't wait to hear how Muncho Mom does! I love her blog...her food always looks so good!


  9. Love the pictures today, Nellie, and I REALLY love that Susan Branch flag. It is just darling. I hope you had a great day...I am off to bed here soon- xo Diana

  10. Hope your daughter went well.
    Must try your recipe for Oatmeal Cookies with cranberries. I think the family would enjoy them, thanks:)