Friday, December 7, 2012

You know Christmas is coming....

Of course, we are all aware of the coming of Christmas.  We are well aware of the calendar, and if we don't pay any attention to the calendar, there are many other occasions when we are made aware that this is the Christmas season!:-)

In this post, I will show some of the signs I have seen that are foretelling the arrival of Christmas.

Chrismon Tree

One of the first things I notice about the Christmas season is the Chrismon Tree that is in our church sanctuary.  It doesn't appear  until the first Sunday in Advent.  I apologize for the position of this picture.  It was difficult to get in a spot that would show the Chrismons, yet not get someone else who was walking between the tree and me!  In the background, hanging from above, is one of our Advent banners.

In the Narthex

This large Nativity scene is on display in the Narthex of our church.  The huge stained glass window provides a wonderful backdrop for the display.

Another tree at church

There are several large areas at our church that have decorated trees on display.  This is in one area of the Narthex.

There is much about this season that brings excitement for all of us.  More about that in the next post.

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate  your comments.


  1. Your church certainly has some lovely displays to remind us of this wonderful season! Our church is much smaller, and we have only one tree in the main auditorium. It is decorated tastefully, but also includes angels with the names of the 20-some missionaries that we support. Each member is invited to take an angel from the tree and send a special gift to that missionary family for this special time. I LOVE all the beautiful decorations that remind us of this most wonderful time of the year!

  2. wow, yes christmas is in the air. todays the day i am going to decorate. maybe that will help get me more in the mood. i have been knowen to decorate the first of november before. and looks like you have done lots of baking! yum! enjoy your day!!

  3. Simply beautiful....

    May I please ask the meaning of the "Chrismon Tree" reference? It's new to me, so I want to know. :-)

  4. The trees are lovely and the nativity scene is beautiful. xo

  5. Lovely, Nellie. I like the stained glass behind the nativity. It casts a nice glow.

  6. Everything looks so pretty.
    I too am unfamiliar with what a Chrismon Tree is.