Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fourth Sunday in Advent....

This is the fourth Sunday in Advent.  On this Sunday, the first, second, and third candles are lit, and the fourth one is added.  This is a symbol of Christ, who is known as the Prince of Peace.

Advent wreath.

             "Your savior is born today in David's city.

                        He is Christ the Lord."

                                                          Luke 2:11

Resource - "Advent - A Calendar of Devotions 2012" - Robert V. Dodd

Today is also the day to send birthday greetings to Munchomom and Country Girl!  Happy Birthday to both of you! 

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Happy Birthday to Munchomom and Country Girl!!! 2 Christmas Time babies! :-)))))

  2. Happy Birthday to Munchomom, Country Girl and my son in law Mike.

  3. Happy Birthday, Munchomom & Country Girl!

  4. I have sent Country Girl and Munchomom birthday wishes on Facebook, but if you see them before they see those messages, please give them my love! They are indeed special young women, and I'm happy to be their aunt! :-)

  5. Hi Nellie..So glad all your choral events were successful. Would love to have heard them.

    Well, the list is just about done. Whew! Sooooo much to do at this time of year but it's wonderful, too.

    I love that feeling of anticipation, right before Christmas.

    Thanks so much for all your visits and comments, too. Susan

  6. Happy Birthday to Munchomom and Country Girl! I hope you had a good day,too, Nellie- xo Diana

  7. Happy Christmas Eve...

    Happy Christmas...