Monday, December 31, 2012

The party's over....

"Wait a minute," you say.  "The party isn't over!  It doesn't begin until tonight!  New Year's Eve, and all, you know!"

Well, that may be true for some of you.  That is not the "party" I mean, however.  I'm referring to all the fun and gaiety that filled our house during the Christmas season.

It is time to store these little guys away.

Aren't they cute?  They were a Christmas present, so they haven't been on display very long.  I will be excited to add them to the decor for Christmas 2013.

No longer hanging on the mantle.

 That's right!  It is time to store the stockings away until time to hang them for Christmas 2013!

We were very fortunate in having all the family here at the same time for a Christmas visit.  Look what they left behind!

Not being one to "air my dirty laundry in public," I guess I'd better get that washing machine going - pronto!:-)

Happy New Year!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate  your comments.


  1. Wishing you a happy and blessed New Year. I'm feeling guilty for leaving my decorations up a bit longer. That laundry and a trip to the grocery store calls too! Hugs!

  2. Nellie, I have my laundry all caught, which is a big deal to me. Now if my Liz ever gets hers caught up, it will be national news.LOL She and her husband wear uniforms, so it seems twice the laundry. Happy New Year to you Nellie. xoxo, Susie

  3. Haha! Good morning! I love the dirty laundry caption. I have quite a bit of that piling up myself while I'm still here at home. Happy New Year!

  4. It's time for me to take down my Christmas...guess I'll start tomorrow. Today I have several loads of laundry to do and a kitchen to clean up! I'm tired already! Happy New Year! hugs, Linda

  5. happy new year! i hate this time of year....all the fun is over!

  6. You were blessed to have your precious family with you, and I know that laundry seems a very small price to pay for that enjoyment! Have a wonderful New Year's Eve, and a very blessed 2013! :-)

  7. Down go the decorations! As long as it feels right to/for you. And it won't look "too empty," after. :-)

    Wonderful memories! Of wonderful family Christmas! The best.

    Happy New Year's Eve to you, my Dear Blogging Friend!

  8. It is wonderful to have family around at Christmas time. The laundry left behind is an added bonus. ;-)

  9. I always hate taking down Christmas --and thinking of all of the JOY which we all had during that time. However, as you know, we can keep the JOY of Christmas all year long, can't we?????

    I'll leave our Christmas up until Epiphany --and then put it all away after that...

    Happy 2013.

  10. It is a wonderful way to start the New Year. Every thing clean and ready.
    I hope you have a nice evening and I do hope you have a wonderful New Year.

  11. I'm way ahead of the game putting decorations away. I did that several years ago and haven't had them back out.

    Happy New Year, Nellie!

  12. Thanks, Nellie, for keeping it real...and when you get done maybe you can come here and help me "catch up". LOL...Blessings to you- I will start de-Christmasing tomorrow- xo Diana

  13. Look what we have to look forward to, a brand spanking new year, filled with hope, and lots of memory making. I need to get a load of wash in, too, I'd hate having it around after midnight! All the best to you and yours. xo

  14. It seems a bit sad seeing those new little decorations waiting to be put away 'til next Christmas.
    However, I've been doing the same thing over the past few days, except for my little Christmas tree, which I have left for a bit longer. I think my grandchildren would hate to see it go away just now:)
    Happy days,

  15. Cute Santas : )
    Christmas comes and goes so fast.
    I kind of like getting back to normal after the holidays.
    Happy New Year!!