Friday, January 2, 2015

A Post-Christmas opportunity....

The Husband had tickets for a visit to Dollywood, by way of a benefit aution for a UMC Children's Home, so we headed out after Christmas to take advantage of them.

Unfortunately, it was a very cool, drizzly day - not one for meandering around Dollywood for very long.  We were able, though to enjoy three shows.  

There is an eagle sanctuary in Dollywood, and it would be lovely to have pictures.  The rain kept me from even trying, though I did manage to take the ones below:

The ducks are not bothered by the rain!  

A Nativity display outside the chapel.

An angel choir - all golden!

Dollywood was really decorated nicely for Christmas, and the cinnamon bread is as tasty as we remembered!:-)  

Have you some new plans for 2015?  It is time for me to get started on new plans here!  


  1. I have been to Gatlinburg and Cherokee (not sure if that's the name but it's by Dollywood) but I have never been to Dollywood. I even went to Pigeon Forge last year. I think they are all around the same area. I'll have to look up Dollywood. I guess I always pictured it kind of like a King's Island. Maybe not.
    The new year...yes...I have plans. I want to be moved upstairs in our new home this year MORE THAN ANYTHING. I am trying to get through this winter in a positive third winter in one room! AUGH! Of course I want to lose some weight, as we are attending a wedding In St. Thomas this summer.
    Hey I love the idea of leaving flour on the dumplings to make the sauce thicker. Thank you for that tip because our sauce was too thin!

    Cindy Bee

  2. I love that and I love you got to visit it. I have heard of it but have never been there and I think it looks like a very nice place to visit. I loved that the Nativity Scene is there. What a nice place it must be.

  3. Nellie, I am glad you got to see some shows. Too bad it could not have been sunny. Cinnamon bread sounds so tasty. I know you are taking down your tree. I am so glad to have mine down and ready to box up. I have my ornaments wrapped and in the tote. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Too dreary, cold and rainy to get out here. Glad you were able! Was hoping to make it back out to my Daughter's home before the kids go back to school. Weather hasn't been cooperative one bit! I'm just hoping they haven't been swallowed up by mud. I'm sure the kids are going bonkers being cooped up for days and days.

  5. Good afternoon, Nellie! Those are some lovely shots, in spite of the rain, and I really like the Nativity scene! As for my plans for 2015, I'll just consider myself fortunate if I can stay out of trouble. HA!!! Have a good afternoon, even though the weather seems determined to depress us. Love you, Sister!

  6. To bad about the weather but you did get some nice pictures. : )
    Like the ducks.

  7. I like Dolly. She is unique.