Wednesday, January 7, 2015

That cookbook collection....

....seems to never end around here.:-)  Today's entry features this one:

With a date of 1968, this has been with us for the entire 45 years we have been married.  It just never seemed to receive the attention that my original favorite received - until garden season!

The first planting season after we were married resulted in an over-the-top harvest, and this is where I went for guidelines in preserving that harvest.

These days, we have guidelines that may be a bit more specific in this book:

This is considered to be the authority on preserving.

Perhaps this will still be helpful!  Oven meals!  I remember when that was a real breakthrough for the busy homemaker!  Those criss-cross potatoes in the picture?  They once appeared frequently on our table.  Perhaps it's time to bring back some things from the past! 

Do you have favorites from the past that are still in your meal plans?  


  1. Hi Nellie!
    Oh my that was one of my favorite "go to" cookbooks back in the day too. I really should at least give it a few more looks especially now that I am growing a garden when weather permits of course:)

    I have soft cover Ball books but I don't think I have that one. I must check.

    Thanks for sharing from your collection, Nellie. I hope you don't mind if I link up to today's Cookbook Wednesdayor you:)

  2. Nellie, I have a couple things I like to make. I am into one pot meals. I like to roast carrots, celery, and potatoes in with an oven roasted meat. I have church know the recipes that are used by lady members , that know how to cook. :):) Today is a good day for a nice oven meal...being it's so cold out. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I have one of those that has been around since I got married, too!

  4. I love cook books. I have quite a few. I still make Grandma's meatloaf and of course molasses baked beans are a comfort food from my childhood.

  5. I still have one of those that I was given as a bride, and it's still in good condition, which probably means that I haven't used it very much! The meals that my family always enjoyed didn't seem to come from a cookbook, like the pasta/meat/tomato/cheese mixture that always went over well, or the lasagna that didn't require a recipe. These days, my hubby and I eat VERY simply, so my HUGE collection of cookbooks remains on the shelf, for the most part. You have done well to can and preserve your bounty from the garden, and we have benefited from your resourcefulness! Hope your Wednesday is going well, Sister!

  6. I have that cookbook and have used it all my married life too. It's the one with the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies I make - Chocolate chippers. : )

  7. My grandmother had an earlier version of that cookbook. I bought myself one for Christmas of 1990, and the pages are well food spotted. There are some things in it that we just keep returning to, and now my 18 year old son has taken up paging through it for suggestions of things I can cook for dinner. I also bought a copy for my eldest daughter 3 years ago for Christmas, when she got her first post-college apartment. This book is a classic, so generations enjoy it!

    It's great that you were able to use their canning information for your garden bounty. Nice Cookbook Wednesday entry.

  8. Hi Nellie , the canning cookbook is a must have , my family plants a little of everything ... we have a few fruit trees and two fig trees , so you know we do a lot off canning . I have 3 sisters and 5 brothers and I am the youngest (Giggling) we do have a lot of fun picking and grinning together . Thanks for sharing .

  9. I need to do some baking because I bought too much milk.

  10. I love cookbooks. Too much and I do have a go through and get rid of cookbooks on my list of jobs to do.
    You know, I never thought about that fixing things I fixed when we were young. I guess I always try new things, so I don't fix the same things that I fixed a long time ago. We eat differently. Lots more salads and lots more raw vegetables. Now that is is winter, more soups. Stay warm I know it is so cold.

  11. The Better Homes and Gardens cookbook was my very first American written cookbook. A member of my husband's family sent it to me as a young bride, still living in England. I wasn't able to find many of the ingredients at the time, such as cornmeal, or mayonnaise, but anything with basic ingredients I tried. One thing we didn't measure in cups, just pounds and ounces, so I had to convert most recipe amounts. How I loved that cookbook, my first taste, literally of American cuisine. I still use most of the recipes, such as meatloaf, banana pudding, deviled eggs, staples of tried and true recipes.
    Lovely post Nellie, brought back so many memories.