Saturday, January 3, 2015

Twelfth Night....

My wall calendar says tonight is Twelfth Night, and the UMW Prayer Calendar sets tomorrow as Epiphany, the time set to recognize the Magi who came to bring gifts to the baby Jesus.  This Three Kings Day Bread is perfect to serve in honor of this day.

Just before baking....

...and just out of the oven!

The recipe comes from a Weight Watchers Cookbook of several years ago, so point values are outdated.  

Do you have any special traditions for Twelfth Night/Epiphany?


  1. It turned out great..Our Epiphany ..King's Cake is different..

    Not sure I will get around to it..we still have desserts:)

  2. This is beautiful, and I'm sure it has been enjoyed by everyone who has sampled it! We have no special observance, but I am still enjoying seeing the decorations of folks who have not yet removed them. Have a marvelous Monday, Sister!

  3. Well I am sure the whole cake would have more than 4 points, because I would eat the whole thing by myself.
    It looks incredible. I hope all is well with you today.

  4. We used to celebrate it as a child, we called it "les Rois" (the Kings) and we had a cake with a bean in it for the King, who was crowned with a paper crown. But we ceased to celebrate it when the school Christmas holidays were shortened. And we grew older. I used to buy a "galette des rois" in Montreal when I was doing my degree, with a paper crown included, but I was the only one eating it as there was almonds in the galette and my brother was allergic to them. So anyway, I simply stopped celebrating. This year, I am considering watching Twelfth Night on YouTube. A more cultural celebration. We'll see.

  5. That looks so good. We never celebrated with the special bread but it might be fun to try.


  6. This looks so good, Nellie! I'll bet it was.