Thursday, January 8, 2015

Remember this?

Before Christmas, I featured a collection of Christmas cookbooks sponsored by the utility company.  One of the recipes I showed was this one:

So - here it is before going into the oven....

....and here it is just out of the oven.

It was tasty, but I think I'll add some instant minced onion the next time I make it.

The Grits in Casserole will be the next one I try from this book.

Brr!  The temperatures are really, really cold in many parts of the country this morning!  What about where you are?  Keep warm, and stay safe!


  1. Cold here, too....around 8 degrees not counting the wind chill. I suspect that's what your temperature was, too, or within a couple of degrees one way or the other. This corn pudding recipe is one I have used several times, and it is delicious! I did add some onion flakes or chopped onion to mine, and that made it even better! Have a great day, Sister, and stay warm!!

  2. Really cold here, too, and I've been cooking. Didn't get it together to bake, but that's probably saved me hundreds of calories. Keep cozy!

  3. Enjoy your meal. It looks nice.
    Here schools were closed yesterday due to the low temperatures. They reopened them today.

  4. Corn pudding one of my favorites !
    It looks delicious.
    4 degrees this AM...brrr.

  5. Don't think I've ever had corn pudding, but I make some mean garlic/cheese grits!

  6. That looks yummy!... and I love onions in anything... sounds even better!... Happy New Year to you dear Nellie!... xoxo... Julie Marie

  7. mmmm looks good.
    Minus 2 degrees here this morning.

  8. It looks like a nice recipe. I have never cooked grits in my whole life. Come to think of it, I don't think I have ever eaten them either. I must fix this and try them.
    Today, it was 70 degrees. I froze. I can't imagine what I would even do at some to the temps that are going on in the U.S. today.
    I hope you were able to stay warm today.

  9. Nellie, I have never made this, but my daughters do. I do like it very much. Blessings, xoxo,Susie