Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Before the wind....

....and the rainy days that are predicted this week, I took just a couple of pictures.

The Burning Bush has completed its change of color, and some of the leaves are already falling off.

The neighbor's trees are at their prettiest this season.

If the rain that is predicted actually does come - along with wind - that will probably send all this color to the ground.  It has been a lovely fall here!


  1. It is very pretty Nellie! I really like that burning bush.

  2. Nellie, I have a section in the little woods in back...that the trees are orange and gold....all those pretty leaves finished falling this past 4 days. Kind of made me sad...I loved looking at them while I did dishes. Warm hugs to you today. xoxo,Susie

  3. It has been a very pretty season, but it seems that it took the leaves so long to turn, then they were gone too quickly up there. In our "new" city, there are trees that have lost whole branches, but most of the leaves on them were still green when they were blown off during some high winds. It's still pretty, and there are a few colors changing, so I think we'll adapt to the surroundings, especially when you recall that we're just a mile from the beach! :-) Have a lovely day, Sister!

  4. Such a pretty time of year. Most of the leaves are off the trees here now.

  5. Pretty pictures, Nellie. We have a big rain and wind coming tonight so I expect we will lose a lot of our color...sad to see it go. xo Diana

  6. Looks lovely! We had winds and rain this past weekend and are expecting more rain for Halloween. Of all things, here we have Halloween that will actually fall on a Saturday and it's supposed to be crappy! Boooooo!

  7. Your neighbor's trees are so pretty - it looks like an orchard over there! But I love your burning bush best. :)

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