Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kids Hope USA....

Have any of you heard of this program?  It is a mentoring program for elementary school students that has sponsorship of a church.  The program was begun in 1995 and is now in existence in over 31 states in all different types of schools including rural, urban, and suburban environments. 

A church in our community has sponsored a Kids Hope program at the nearby elementary school for seven years.  I had not been aware of this until last summer.  Although I am not a member of the church sponsoring Kids Hope, I was able to be added to the list of mentors.  

The student I was assigned was in the third grade!  That is the grade I taught for 20 years, so I felt "at home" with this student.  I went only one hour a week to spend time with him.  Sometimes we worked on class work, sometimes we played games, and sometimes we just talked.  

School is over here for the summer.  Before the end of the year, the guidance counselor assisted the Kids Hope students with this thank you gift....

The students painted the frame, made the card, and made their handprint on the tile.  Also, that's a really cute clip that can be used to clip papers, etc. together as needed.

For each of the Kids Hope children, I wish a happy summer.  It will be several weeks before there is a chance for us to begin again with mentoring.

I encourage you to consider serving in some way with children.  Perhaps there is a Kids Hope program near where you live.  It is truly a way to make a difference.


  1. Sounds like a great program, Nellie! I'll have to check it out!

  2. Sister, since I've followed your journey with this young man during the school year, I can tell you that he probably considers you one of his best friends! You were there to fill in the blanks when he needed attention and a calm presence more than anything else, and I'm sure he has good memories of your time together. Best summer wishes to him and all the others who have the need of a mentor. Have a great afternoon!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful program that I am not aware of, Nellie. How great you are able to work in the same grade you taught in! I used to help out at my children's elementary school one day a week and found it to be so rewarding. Teachers can use all the help that they can get! My hat's off to you! ♥

  4. Was nice to catch up on your latest posts that I missed while away.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  5. Sounds like the perfect program for you!