Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One last look....

Before leaving Mississippi, here is one last look at a few items of interest.

This is where we met Sister and her Husband, along with Nephew and his Wife. It was actually the 20th wedding anniversary for Nephew/Wife, so we had a great celebratory meal together.

I have shown the grounds surrounding Mary Mahoney's earlier.  Isn't it amazing that it was built in 1737?!?  The restoration following Hurricane Katrina was undertaken very carefully.

This is something that we never have to worry about where we live.

Nephew's family has had to prepare three possible routes they would take in the event of an evacuation order.  That is a requirement of those families who are in the Air Force.

This was another chance to enjoy some of those specialities of the area.  I had wanted to have some gumbo, shrimp po'boy, jambalaya, oysters, and other seafood of the area, and that's what happened!:-)

More from Louisiana next!


  1. Hello Nellie! What a wonderful trip you had. Oh my gosh. Don't know if I'd like the fried oysters. Love fried clams, though. I've never been to Mississippi. Looks like you are having fun. Take care. And thanks for all visits to my posts, too. Susan

  2. What a great place to eat. Not to mention visit. I think that would be very handy having an evacuation plan. I have always wanted to taste those foods too. I am glad you got to experience them. :)

  3. Hello, Sister! We had such a great time with you and The Husband when you visited our area, and I especially enjoyed Mary Mahoney's and the great history of that building. They were VERY careful, in the restoration after Katrina, to maintain the integrity of the structure. Your nephew's AFB at Keesler was devastated by that horrific storm, and I think that is one reason for that requirement of three escape routes for their personnel. All of the base housing was destroyed, as well as some of the office buildings. Fortunately, he wasn't there at the time, but it truly made an impact on those in charge of such things. Have a wonderful afternoon! Love you!

  4. How grand to enjoy a meal with family. My husband loves each of the foods you mentioned!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip!!! Enjoy the rest of it! Blessings

  6. I'd have some of these burgers.