Monday, September 28, 2020

A critique....

 Whew!  Another fast weekend leading into another Monday!  Do you have any special tricks to “make peace with Monday?”

Everyone is always interested in dessert, so let’s get right to it!  First, a question.  How many of you have ever had - or made - that appetizer with Brie cheese topped with something luscious (cranberry sauce, raspberry jam, etc.), wrapped in puff pastry, and baked until browned and the Brie is all melts?  This dessert is kind of as version of that.  I followed a recipe that was on Home is Where the Boat Is.  The author of that blog mentioned Novel Bakers as the source.  

It is called Apple and Brie Galette with Pomegranate Seeds.  I used Honeycrisp apples for this and served it with vanilla ice cream....

While I love the puff pastry wrapped Brie for an appetizer, we didn’t ooh and aah over this combination as dessert.  Not sure why that was.

The rest of the table....

....focused on this sage roasted chicken....

There was a bit of gravy for the chicken, and the carrots and lima beans were a real hit!  My picture-taking skills need improvement.  I think I move the phone at the wrong time.

I must mention that I roasted extra chicken.  It will be the basis for meals coming during the week.  There are a great many possibilities for chicken....chicken and dumplings, chicken noodle soup, chicken pot pie, chicken wild rice soup, oven chicken salad, even creamed chicken in a cornbread ring!  Of course, I love chicken salad to stuff a tomato or make a sandwich, or chunky versions with dried cherries or grapes.  The choices are endless!

The prediction is for the thermometer to bring lower readings as the week progresses.  Fall has definitely arrived!

I’ve heard, on good authority, that tomorrow is National Coffee Day!  Perhaps you could arrange to enjoy a coffee break virtually with a friend!

May this day hold all good things for you!  Keep within your safe spaces, wear your mask, stay well!


  1. Sister, I must confess that the only time I've had Brie was at your home many years ago, and I wasn't terribly impressed. I know it's supposed to be a treat, so maybe it was my taste buds, or maybe I'm just not that dignified??!? The rest of your meal looks mouth-wateringly delicious, and I'm sure you'll have lots of good selections for several days. I love lima beans, too, and they're actually good for us, so you can enjoy them with no guilt. Have a wonderful afternoon, and let's enjoy these cooler temps while they last. Love you!

  2. The gremlin spellcheck has been at work, I see! Several changes as I hit publish! Melty cheese, not melts; as should be simply a!

  3. Replies
    1. Re your comment about making peace with Mondays. Many, many years ago I had a little insight that changed my life and thoughts about Mondays. Mondays were never a day I looked forward, it being the first day back to work after a nice weekend. But then I realized if I was at odds with every Monday (Blue Mondays is what we used to call them), that meant 1/7th of my life's existence would be in the negative. Yikes! I shifted my attitude right then and there. From that day onward, I've chosen to be at peace with Mondays.

      I love to stick fresh sage leaves under the skin of a chicken. Yum. I don't know if I've ever had lima beans, don't think so. I do enjoy a nice Brie - I, too, wonder why the Brie in the apple dessert didn't zing your taste buds. Well, now you know to save your Brie for other dishes.

      Wishing you a pleasant week ahead, Nellie!
      Bren xo

  4. Monday's are just like any other day when you are retired. :)
    Dinner looks delicious.

  5. Yummy food. I made an apple cake at my son's request yesterday. It's almost gone already.

  6. I love cheese and apples {Cheddar topped apple pie is delicious}. I wonder if the brie and cranberry combination would work in the galette? Brie and peach chutney is wonderful in a jacket potato. Even if the taste combination wasn't quite what you hoped for, it all looks delicious.