Monday, February 2, 2015

A gathering....

We had a "gathering" here over the week-end.  Muncho Mom, Macho Man, and the Munchkins planned a short visit.  As often is the case when they come to town, City Girl came as well.  Country Girl and Country Man were also able to be here!  This was the first time for us to see one another since Christmas, so it was a special occasion!

A roasted chicken, a dozen eggs, and fewer than 24 hours later, they had all returned to their own places, but not before this was demolished.

You may remember the recipe from a Cookbook Wednesday feature a few weeks ago.  Perhaps this will jog your memory.

Unfortunately, Louise, I wasn't able to find that Calumet Baking Powder here, so it really wasn't an authentic Calumet Devil's Food Cake.  Nonetheless, it was apparently a hit as there were not any leftovers!

I do not remember the process Mother went through to make this cake.  I do, however, remember it when it was almost finished.  The top cake layer never wanted to stay in place, and the recipe for the sea foam frosting didn't cover the entire cake.  I had the same experience.  The top layer for this one kept sliding to the side, although the cake plate was level.  I finally just tilted the plate until the layer made that final slide into the correct place and stayed there!  

The sea foam frosting was a "first" for me.  To cover the entire cake, however, the recipe should probably have been doubled.  There were a few "disasters" while I was making the frosting.  First, I failed to have the beater in a low enough position while I was pouring the syrup into the egg white, and my shirt (where is that apron?) became decorated with tiny spatters of syrup!  Next, while unable to hold onto the large mixing cup that I had used for beating the egg white, it spun around out of control, encountered a spoon rest, and voila!  A broken spoon rest - plus - the ear of the cup broke off as well! I'm not sure I will try the sea foam frosting again anytime soon.:-)

The sun was out here this morning just long enough for that groundhog to see his shadow!  Now - what does that mean?   I'm not sure I trust a groundhog as a winter weather predictor.:-)

Keep warm, and stay safe!


  1. I am quite sure that the cake was quite delectable, and the lack of leftovers does not surprise me in the least! Such a special time for all of your children and their spouses/families to be there at the same time, even for such a brief visit! Lots of love in that house, for sure! Have a marvelous Monday, Sister, and don't worry about that meddlesome rodent....he really doesn't know about our E TN weather!

  2. oh my! love that you did this!! Calumet brand is pretty easy to find in the Pocono's… not sure I've ever seen it in NJ or CT.. my mom always made a 'boiled' frosting for our favorite gingerbread… but alas we can't seem to figure out which recipe she used… you are so lucky.. and such a great cook…

  3. YUM! What fun to think this was a cherished family recipe. How lovely to get everyone together again too.

  4. That cake looks incredibly delicious and it was great that you had a good visit with the Muncho, Machos and all---love their names! Too bad you couldn't find the Calumet, there's some in my cabinet you could've borrowed! :-)

    I love how you tilted the cake plate, I think I've done that too! Hope you don't get the blizzard like we had here over the weekend!

  5. Nellie, I love when there are no left-overs. That means it was good. So nice to have time with your loved ones. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Hi Nellie ,
    You always know when a dish is delicious , no leftovers . What a great day you had with all the family there .
    We don't trust the little rodent , it's much easier to lick your finger and stick it out the door , if it's frozen , will you can guess what the weather is going to be like . Have a wonderful week .

  7. Oooooh... no leftovers! Guess that was a big thumbs up!

    AND, the entire family together gets a thumbs up from me. Rarely happens in this family.

  8. Nellie, I'm so glad you were all able to be together! As for the cake... looks don't count when the recipe is delicious, and obviously your cake was delicious. :-) I hope you've been able to stay inside on this windy, cold day in East Tennessee! Brrrrr...

  9. I have never made seafoam frosting before, but it looks very good! Sorry for your bad luck making it:)

  10. Oh my you had a time of it making that icing. : )
    It sure looks GOOD!!!

  11. I had a chuckle at the mini disaster that happened while making the sea foam frosting. The sea was a little rough that day. lol... It makes it a memorable cake and it looks delicious.

    I love those old cookbooks.

    I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time at your place and thanks for sharing the joy of cooking.

  12. What a wonderful weakend gathering you had Nellie! Don't you just love those impromptu get-togethers:)

    What a delightful surprise to see this cake!!! It's a bit ironic since I thought of you while I was at the grocery store today. Pennsylvania seems to stock Calumet! (really Nellie, I don't mind picking it up for you:)

    I'm sorry I laughed at you sea foam mishap and the notion of the cake being lopsided, lol...I seem to remember that happening to me a lot when I was a teenager and designated cake baker. I'd blame it on the egg whites. Me and egg whites don't seem to get along either, lol...Hope you find another spoon rest, (and a new apron:) I broke mine a while back and can't seem to find one worthy of my stove.

    Of course the fact that the cake was demolished is testament to it's deliciousness, Nellie. Now I'm craving a piece of cake and perhaps another go at Cookbook Wednesday!!! Thank you so much for sharing, Nellie...

  13. If you had said there was some cake left I'd be on my way to Tennessee, snow storm or not. It looks so good and I don't think I would have been half as successful with the icing. I envision it all over my kitchen walls.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about all of your mishaps while making your frosting. If it is any consolation, your cake looks delicious :) I also am known for forgetting to put on an apron until it's too late, LOL.
    Keep Smiling,
    Connie :)

  15. The cake looks lovely. And there's a Lady Baltimore cake? The things you learn reading blogs and watching their pics!

  16. Oh, dear - I've had those accidents! You're very cheery about it. :)