Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ideally - Cookbook Wednesday....

Isn't this cover beautiful?

The beautiful pictures continue through the book.

Here is the Table of Contents....

....and this shows the copyright to be 1972!

I must admit that I have never used this cookbook!  I think I must have bought it for the illustrations.

This one looks simple enough.  I assume the mushrooms and pimiento would be drained before being added.

Stuffed Peppers have been a favorite here, though not this version.

This is the recipe for the lovely cake pictured above.

This one sounds interesting.  I wonder how it would work with light mayonnaise.

Then there is this one that reminds me of something that was done when I was still at home.  Did any of you ever chill evaporated milk and then whip it?  I have been buying evaporated skimmed milk for years, though, and the results of the whipping might be very different.  I will let you know the outcome of this one.  It is one that I have marked to try.

I will leave you with this view out the front door this morning.  I should mention that The Husband had this area chipped clear of ice yesterday afternoon.

We are currently having a light snowfall, though the sun is expected to appear around midday.

Stay safe, wherever you are!


  1. I love Ideals! They always have such wonderful illustrations! I have never bought one of their cookbooks, but each issue has good recipes as well as lovely poems and stories that are good for the mind. I would say that, if you use light mayo, you could probably reduce the amount of sugar in that recipe, since the light mayo has a sweeter taste to me. Just my little opinion. :-)

    We are having snow here, too, and I'm certainly glad that I don't have to get out and go anywhere today, as the wind is blowing with a vengeance! Have a wonderful Wednesday, Sister!

  2. I love old cookbooks. I have some and they really liked jello and potato chips and margarine. :)
    I would like to know if that whipping will work. That would be so handy if it does.
    I am glad it will warm up some today. Be careful of that ice.

  3. I had that old cookbook and I gave it to charity since I wasn't using it and needed the room for more cookbooks.

    I'm back home and had a good flights. I'm back to feeding my calves.

    yes be careful on that ice.

  4. I have whipped evaporated milk but not the light version. IDEAL books always had the very best pictures in them! My mother made mayo chocolate cake all the time It is super moist and delicious I use a recipe using a box mix that uses the mayo in place of the oil (different proportions) and everyone raves about how moist it is xo Diana

  5. Nellie, Those are some great recipes. I love stuff peppers. The cover is very pretty. That snow...if it is over ice..please be careful....that could be dangerous. Take care. xoxo,Susie

  6. Thought about you the other day when hubby came toting in a Christmas Cookie cookbook. Every day, when he walks the track at the school, he finds something. He found several hardback books, one still in a wrapper, that had been discarded. The cookbook was among his finds on that day.

  7. Snowing again here as usual. : )
    I love cookbooks with lots of nice colorful pictures.

  8. Is that a hard cover, Ideals cookbook, Nellie? I use to have quite a few Ideals but they were softcovers. I don't seem to remember all the tempting pictures and recipes. Lemon Cheese Cake please:) What a find for the hubby too:)

    Thanks for sharing, Nellie. Are you sending this over to Marjie's for Cookbook Wednesday? Stay safe out there...

  9. It's such a beautiful cover, inviting you to venture inside !
    Minus three degrees here tonight, doesn't feel like good ole Tennessee weather does it Nellie.
    Stay warm.

  10. That is a beautiful cookbook, and love those recipes! Yes, I remembered using the evaporated milk like you mentioned! Also, the chocolate mayonnaise cake is one of my favorites. It is soooo moist! My dad always loved it when I'd make it!

    Stay in and stay warm.


  11. I have an Ideal Christmas Cookbook. They always have great photos! I've added you to Cookbook Wednesday; thanks for letting me know you'd posted.

    My grandmother used to make mayonnaise cake. I have no idea where her recipe came from; it had something like 5 ingredients and the directions were "Cook until done."

    We're settling into another snow/cold blast, too. Fingers crossed for spring to arrive!

  12. Ah, a chocolate mayonnaise cake is a rich, delicious one!

  13. Ah, a chocolate mayonnaise cake is a rich, delicious one!