Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Another from the past....Cookbook Wednesday

At least 45 years ago, there was a locally produced television show that appealed to homemakers.  The hostess of this show featured recipes from local contributors.  In 1970, many of these recipes were compiled into a cookbook.

I would not have missed adding this book to my collection.

It has been well used through the years, with these favorites:  

Isn't it easy to see how popular this one is?  Love it!

This has been the "go to" pound cake for many years!  

We have really relied on this punch many times.

Mary Starr, and this cookbook, have greatly influenced the direction of many of my kitchen activities.  It is an invaluable addition to my collection.

Do you have a favorite cookbook that includes recipes from your area?


  1. Hi Nellie!
    What wonderful book to have in your collection. I can honestly say I have never seen it before and boy oh boy seeing it for the first time makes me want it too!!! And, it's signed! Just look at those recipes!!! Well loved indeed:)

    I think I made a HUGE mistake putting Cookbook Wednesday on the back burner for the month of February. I didn't have much of a choice but it will be back in March. Save some of those other goodies of yours for then. Heck, we can always add this one then too:)

    Thank you so much for sharing, Nellie...

  2. Oh, I remember Mary Starr's program, and I loved it!! Never got her cookbook, though, so I thank you for sharing these recipes with us. That punch sounds very similar to my go-to recipe, which I got from my high school Home Ec teacher, and it's always a hit! Hope your Wednesday is going well, Sister!

  3. Don't remember the show but the recipes sure sound good.
    No, can't say that I do have a cook book with recipes from my area.

  4. Nellie, I love to see drips and writing on the pages of a cook means some one is using that book lots. I see where Glenda mentioned Home Ec they have home ec any more? I do remember our teacher, she was a spinster and quirky. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. This is a great cookbook. I have a few with loose pages, drips and markings, too. It proves the value of a cookbook, I think. I don't remember the Mary Starr program; my mother watched The Galloping Gourmet sometimes, but not often.

    I added a link to this post to my Cookbook Wednesday post. Thanks for letting me know you'd written it, so I can try to fill in for Louise while she is on hiatus. Never as good as the original, of course, but I am happy to honor her with my imitation.

  6. That's a good question you ask. Short answer is no, not from my area in particular. But I remember some recipes from some cookbooks I really enjoyed and they date back from my childhood.

  7. Oh yes, I do have a favorite cookbook. It was a towns cookbook. I found so many good recipes along with new ones! Seems I always gravitate to that one book when I'm cooking!


  8. One of the most used cookbooks around here is a Pilot Club Cookbook that has many familiar names from our area, including my husband's aunt. I use her garlic cheese grits recipe for every special occasion. Also his step mother's pretzel salad recipe.

  9. I have a cookbook from about 1985 that was compiled by the local hospital as a fundraiser. There are so many good homecooking type recipes and i use it all the time.
    Thanks for sharing your collection with us!

  10. No but my Mom has a cookbook that she has used since 1958 that was put together from a group of ladies she was in a club with, and she has used it so much that it is falling apart and in a baggie. For Christmas, I had copies made for some family members.

    Cindy Bee

  11. I have lots of comunity cookbooks from my city and one from my home town that was a community cookbook which featured some of mMom's favorite recipes.

    I do have some favorite recipes books that I turn to often.