Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Year of the Sheep/Goat....

Today is the day for Chinese New Year!  I just heard that this is the Year of the Sheep - or the Goat - depending on where you are from.  I will choose the sheep, because I have some of those -

Of course, there must be something special on the menu.

Doesn't this look good?  Thanks to Betty Crocker's Dinner For Two from more than 45 years ago, we have this recipe -

I doubt that mine will resemble the picture.:-)

Perhaps there will be a special gift of money in these envelopes!

Enjoy this Thursday!  We have 3 degrees F here this morning, so we will be hoping to stay warm!


  1. I love to read the signs of the Chinese descriptions of people i know. it's amazing how accurate the descriptions are. I don't bother with daily predictions of the future but there's lot of truth in the personality traits.


  2. Well, your dish might not turn out looking like the picture, but I'm sure it will taste wonderful, and that's what really matters, right? Have a terrific Thursday, Sister, and stay warm!!!

  3. Your sheep are adorable, Nellie! On our farm, we had a black lamb, whose mother rejected him; we named him Bucky, and my brother and I bottle fed him, etc, made a pet out of him. Your dish looks delicious and I can imagine good it is. By the way, I received the cookbook from Amazon, it's interesting/good!!

  4. Three degrees!!! Oh my goodness! That is so cold. I am glad to know it is the year of the sheep or of the goat. I have been craving Chinese food. I need to be making something like that.
    I think I got rid of all of my cookbooks that were cooking for two. I just thought of that when I saw yours.
    I hope you have a lovely day, staying home and staying warm.

  5. Happy Sheep Year! There for a second I thought you were going to tell me you were having mutton. lol
    It is cold here, too...way too cold.....xo Diana

  6. I'm sure we all could use a nice warm up. : )

  7. Oh, I hope you did stay warm! Happy Sheep Year!! smile~ That dish really sounded sauce isn't one of my favorites. I know it's salty, but possibly has MSG in it.

    Blessings along with warm ((hugs))

  8. If a gift of money will be in the envelopes, then let me give you my address. A neighbor in Illinois gave The Hurricane little stuffed "lambs of God" wearing different outfits. That was almost ten years ago. The Hurricane is almost done with her PhD, and she still moves the lambs around and puts them in different poses.


  9. Happy new year!!! We enjoyed all sorts of fabulous food tonight. Dumplings are Josie's favorite. Hugs!!

  10. Sorry I'm late, mind you, if we had your weather I would NOT have left the house. We headed to the country to visit Daughter and Family. Weather was very cooperative! Had to go out there before her driveway washes out again.