Saturday, February 28, 2015

In review....

What a week!  Two different snow storms brought us these views -

From Tuesday morning....

....and from Thursday morning!

So - it was a good week to make progress on this -

That's the living room flooring project....

....and this is the project that resulted from thawing what was thought to be whole wheat pizza dough!:-)

Of course, we started the week honoring George Washington with this Cranberry Cherry Cobbler!

Sara McKeefer - if you're reading, I need you to contact me with your mailing address so I will be able to send you Daughters of England!

Enjoy your week-end!


  1. I love what you thawed out for pizza dough. Are those molasses? The cherry/cranberry cobbler looks so yummy, and I just had breakfast.
    When my daughter and her family get here next week, I am going to bake up a storm. No one eats goodies here but me, so of course I don't bake now. though, I am going to make a lemon pie I think today. :)
    I will have to work really hard this morning chopping weeds. :) Your floor looks fantastic!

  2. the cobbler loks so yummy! i usually make a cherry pie but i was too busy. maybe next week!

  3. And I just read that February..this one..was our coldest in history!
    No wonder I stayed in more and crafted more:) Like you~

  4. Cherry pizza? Yum, I think. I wish you'd come to my house and take on some projects. The first would be a bubble bath with Franklin.


  5. Nellie- Hope your snow is soon gone. That cherry pizza looks wonderful. I haven't had that in YEARS!!!! The floor is looking great, Nellie. Hubby is doing a great job on it. xo Diana

  6. I have some deep snow photos in my camera. lol... It warmed up this afternoon and it's -4°C as compared to -23 °C this morning.

    I've had a few freezer surprises like that over the years. The ginger snaps or molasses cookies looks so yummy and so does the cobbler. Spring must be very near with those bunny cookies coming out of hiding. ;)

    The floor project is coming along and soon will be all finished. It gives you some opportunity to declutter while you wait for the completion of your hubby's project.

    My declutter has come to a stand still since I went away. How come it's so hard to resume where we left off?

    Take care,

  7. Loving that floor and YOUR snow photos. Still don't want the snow for myself, but I would gladly take the floor!

  8. Nellie, Yuck snow !! George Washington never had it so good....he would love that pie. Your floors are going to be so easy to care for. Be safe. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. The Husband is once again creating a thing of beauty, this time in your living room. Of course, the thing of beauty that appeals to me is that cobbler....YUMMMM! Hope you're enjoying this beautiful, sunny day, Sister! Love you!

  10. Oh that cranberry cherry cobbler looks so good.
    Nice that you are getting more wood floors. : )

  11. Wow...that flooring is really coming along great! Love those cookies and that cobbler, but not that


  12. That looks like a lovely dessert.

  13. We just got eight inches of snow yesterday and an ice storm is predicted for tomorrow. Ugh.

    Cindy Bee