Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Do you have one of these? Cookbook Wednesday!

You more than likely have one of these - or something similar - in your collection.

This comes from 1977 and was prepared and sold by the Youth Choir for their summer activities.

Start out with an appetizer....

....and a warm beverage.

Follow this with a delicious entree....

....with a favorite vegetable casserole.

A good meal is not complete without dessert....

....and it is easy to see that this has been a favorite through the years.

Happy cooking!


  1. I do have this exact same cookbook, and I remember helping you with those sausage balls when you had your catering business. Good times, as I recall! These other selections look really great, too, especially that hot punch on a cold day. Have a wonderful Wednesday, Sister! :-)

  2. Nellie, I have made those sausage balls before for a pitch in at work. I love cook books from churches. You know those are tried and true recipes. Blessings for a great day. xoxo,Susie

  3. I've never tried those recipes but I have lots of church and community cookbooks.
    I didn't know you had a catering business. It's fun learning something new about you.

  4. I have been making that dessert for years! It must have really made the rounds of all those cookbooks:")

  5. I do have a similar cookbook, that I mentioned before! Good old Pilot Club Cookbook... my favorite!

  6. Not that one but I do have a childs cookbook and it was mine when I was little. I've saved it all these years!!!

  7. I don't have that one, but I do have several church cookbooks, and they are always my favorite because everyone submits their best recipes!

  8. There's nothing like a book of people's favorite recipes. They are the ones that aren't too complicated for us mere mortals to cook every day. That chocolate dessert looks simply divine!

  9. You just have to relish recipes like these, Nellie. Aren't church and community cookbooks the best! Thanks for sharing, Nellie...A catering business??? Whoa:)

  10. Hi Nellie , I have a cookbook of our choir recipes , thanks for sharing I am pinning Nellie ;-D