Saturday, February 9, 2019

More from the pineapple....

Earlier this week, I posted information about the pineapple being the symbol of hospitality.  There is some more wisdom from the pineapple that I have seen in a couple of places, so this is not original.  I'd love to know who listened to what the pineapple was saying.

These are words to consider:  "Be like a pineapple.  Stand tall.  Wear a crown.  Be sweet on the inside!"  If we are "sweet on the inside," this is sure to spill over into our daily routine.

That's how I want to begin this weekend....working on standing tall and being sweet, both on the inside and out as well!


  1. Sister, in my opinion, you always stand tall, which is not easy when you're only 5'4"! You have a kind heart, and a crown would just mess up your hair, so be proud of who you are! Love you!

  2. Well I think you are! What a neat way to start a weekend. With that on your mind.

  3. I like Glenda's comment. It made me smile.
    If you're going to be a pineapple, be the best pineapple you can be.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Sounds like a great thing to aim for.