Monday, February 18, 2019

Would you rather....

....pack up your things in boxes, prior to changing residences....

.....or would you rather be packing your suitcase for an exciting travel adventure?

Actually, you would need to be packing suitcases (make that a plural) for the adventure that takes place in this book.

Women in Sunlight by Frances Mayes was a recent choice for the Happy Readers Book Club on Twitter.  It is the story of three women who meet while touring a senior living community.  Is this really the decision these individuals are ready to make at this point in their lives?  Selling their property, packing up, and moving into this ready-made neighborhood?

It is Susan's expertise from years of working in real estate that launches them on the trip of a lifetime!  Susan, Camille (both widowed), and Julia (divorced) first "test the waters" by a weekend trip to Susan's beach house, and the plan is made to head across the ocean for a year in the Tuscany region of Italy!  It is the perfect spot for Camille to resurrect her art, and Julia's career with a publisher who specialized in cookbooks gives her the knowledge of food in the area!  Susan is a natural at taking care of all the arrangements, and they are off across the ocean! With a dog!(Susan's)  For a year!  Meeting the locals! Living in a marvelous house!

They are seen arriving by Kit, an author who lives nearby, and a friendship ensues.  The group goes from one exciting experience to another, encountering and becoming acquainted with all kinds of welcoming and helpful local experts!

You may be familiar with another book by Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun.  If you have read and enjoyed that one, then you will enjoy reading this one.  Under the Tuscan Sun became a movie, and I have recently seen news that Women in Sunlight may also be seen on the screen in the future.

Happy reading!


  1. Any book featuring sunny days and sunny ladies is all right by me! (I was thinking of Under the Tuscan Sun while reading what the ladies were planning to do and come to find out, it's the same author for both books! - Tom x

  2. Well, Sister, this whirlwind trip has me breathless this morning! This sounds like a book that would be hard to put down, and I'm sure you enjoyed discussing it in your Twitter book club. Have a marvelous Monday! Love you!

  3. I've got the book waiting for me on my Kindle, it sounds good to me. Frances Mayes is a great writer, I enjoy her books. Thanks for your review of it, Nellie, and have a wonderful week!

  4. Sounds like book I would enjoy reading.

  5. I love her writing, Nellie. Your lovely description makes me want to put it in front of all the books in line to read. Thanks for the review. xo ♥