Monday, July 27, 2020

A day late....

Did you know that yesterday was National Coffee Milkshake Day?!?  Well, I didn’t either....until after I had already made specific plans!  That didn’t interfere, however, with enjoying such a treat today....not a bad way to begin the week!

A scaled down version, but delicious, nonetheless.

We were right on time for Sunday Lunch, however.

Of course, there was dessert....

  This was not a one time only thing, either.  We are happy knowing there are leftovers!  Blackberry Velvet Cake....a very good thing!

Thank you to those who gave suggestions for keeping spam/undesirable comments from appearing in the Comments section of my blog.  I have turned on comment moderation and have already used it three times!  I’m really relieved to catch them before they appear publicly.

Sending good wishes as we begin the last week in July 2020!

Stay safe! Wear your mask!  Be well!


  1. Nellie, I would have a scaled-down version of the coffee milkshake, too. Yours looks like just about the right size for me. Lovely meal!

  2. And you can add a note that appears after "Post a Comment" letting commenters know that you moderate, something like: Comments are moderated to prevent publishing spam, so it may take a while for comments to appear; please check back.

  3. Your coffee milkshake looks so delicious.... and cool! Yum. And so does the Blackberry Velvet dessert. Yum yum.

  4. Good afternoon Sister! As always, everything looks good enough to eat! If I were there, your leftovers would be severely diminished! LOL Enjoy the rest of your day, and stay safe. Love you!

  5. Not a coffee drinker but sure would like a piece of that cake!!

  6. That looks like a fine meal. I love coffee, but rarely having other than black. Nellie, I like having left helps with meal planning. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. I love coffee with cream and nothing sweet.I sometimes add a dash of vanilla in my coffee. It looks like a lovely meal.
    Hugs, Julia