Friday, July 3, 2020

To review....

Friday!  Do you look forward to this day in the week?  I remember past years when there was much anticipation for the arrival of this day!

Some mention has been made about the "new Blogger."  Are there any of you who have tried it?  I'm not always convinced that "new and improved" applies to all changes that are made.  I'm wondering how other bloggers guard against those spam-type comments.   Seems like I'm receiving a few of those.

This turned into "Italian week" for us here.  From last Sunday's lasagna, we added Chicken Fettucini Alfredo and pizza in the iron skillet, using the remaining portion of the sauce from the lasagna.  We are here for all our meals, so almost nothing is wasted.  

We continue to follow the safe at home policy and haven't been out in public since March 12.  Curbside pickup is much appreciated!  Locally, today begins a mask wearing policy for everyone who is in an enclosed space.  Virus cases have been on the increase here, with daily numbers higher than the preceding day.

Take care of yourself!  Be safe!  Stay well!  Wear a mask!  Stay away from crowds and large gatherings!  Celebrate at home!  Check your TV schedule.  There is some really good programming for the 4th of July!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Sister, all of your food looks wonderful, and I'm sure it also tastes wonderful! I've been out a few times (Doctor and groceries I couldn't have delivered), and I always wear a mask and take along a wipe to clean the handles of the electric cart I use at the store. Next week, I'll have cataract surgery, and my ophthalmologist's office is extremely careful, checking my temperature before I enter the waiting area. Life goes on! I'm not a blogger, as you know, but I have seen some of that spam come through on your site. VERY RUDE!! Have a fabulous Friday, sometimes known as FRIYAY! Love you!

  2. Nellie, Ted and I will join my daughters and their hubbies for about 10 people to have a cook out. But Ted and I will mask up and not stay too long. And sit spaced apart. We wear mask every time we go out in public...which is usually drs. appts and the grocery and Ted doesn't go in the store. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

  3. Friday is just like any other day of the week now!
    I've tried the new blogger and liked it fine except I didn't like that you can't click on the picture to make it bigger. At least I couldn't figure it out so I switched back to the old one.

  4. I haven't tried the new blogger. I usually think that new and improved actually means "yeah we're gonna foist this on people to make more money and it's no good."


  5. Hello Nellie,
    These dishes look very appetising.
    We only venture out for medical appointments. Our daughter does the shopping for us and the pharmacist delivers medication.
    Seems like you are being very careful too.
    Take care and stay well.
    You friend inn Melbourne. Betty

    1. Betty, it is such a pleasure to hear from you via my blog! Sounds as though you are taking a sensible approach to this crisis! Sending the very best wishes to you!

  6. Nellie, I tried the new blogger, didn't care for it one jot and promptly reverted, but how long before it is forced upon us?

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  8. I've been using the new blogger and not thrilled with it, but I figured learning how to use it was useful for keeping my mind going. You've got a spammy comment to delete.