Thursday, July 16, 2020

This summer....

How is this summer going for you?  For many, summer usually presents special possibilities.  One of those options may include vegetable gardening.

For a number of years, we planted and worked a 30 x 60 ft. garden space, an activity we halted a couple of years ago.  This year, The Husband has intentionally left part of the space to encourage the growth of clover.

That seems to have worked rather well.  We hoped to encourage the bees to return....

If you look closely, you will be able to see a honeybee enjoying that clover!

Our vegetable garden has shrunk a bit, though we believe we will have enough to enjoy.

There are a few potato plants, sprouted by potatoes from our own kitchen, tomato plants, red pepper plants, and a lone corn stalk!  The corn voluntarily grew near the bird feeder, most likely “planted” from the corn that was part of the bird feed mix.  Do you think we will have any corn develop from it?

The potatoes are blooming now, and there are tiny green tomatoes on the tomato plants.  The harvest will be small, but it will be tasty!

Do you have a garden?  Have you been able to harvest anything from it yet?


  1. My lawn is full of white clover too, and yes, the bees do love it. My harvest has not been great, I planted late and then the weather took a peculiar turn back to winter. Like your harvest, mine is small but tasty.

  2. Well, Sister, living in an apartment presents its own set of gardening challenges! I suppose I could order some climbing strawberries or tomatoes, but I just haven't put forth that kind of effort. Happy for your bees and your small garden spot, though. Enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your labor, whenever it comes in! Love you!

  3. Corn pollinate better when planted in several rows but you can pollinate your single corn plant by rubbing the silk on the pollen when pollen forms. I don't know how long the window of opportunity is.

    I've been trying to keep clover out of the yard as it spread so much in my flower and vegetable gardens but last year, I asked my husband for compost to reseed the lawn and because he didn't turned the compost, the clover seeds from the forage the cows ate went through their system and survived in the compost. This year, my lawn is full of clover. lol...

    I have flower gardens everywhere around the yard and also veggie gardens here and there. Maybe I should make a post on it soon. I've been too busy weeding to blog.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Nellie, I always laugh when I see a corn growing in an odd place. That white clover is all over the place here in our county. It's a good yeats for it. Blessings, stay safe, xoxo, Susie

  5. No vegetable garden this year, maybe next year again.

  6. We have clover blooming in our yard, too, Nellie! The bees absolutely love it. I'm so glad to see it on your post as a lot of folks don't want it in their lawn. I have mostly shade so no vegetable garden for us. I do have a couple pepper plants and a patio tomato plant. Also some rosemary and basil for cooking. That would be neat if you get some corn from your volunteer!

  7. Nellie, my vegetable garden has shrunk. Just tomatoes this year. The plants grew quickly but were slow to get fruit. And the tiny green tomatoes seem to be taking their time!