Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday’s Five Things....

How has this week been for you?  Are you feeling relieved today is Friday?  Well, Friday it is, and it’s time for those five things I love!

1)  I love afternoon tea!

No scones on this tray; however, the mini-English muffins served nicely.

2)  While we’re on the subject of tea, I love this teapot from my childhood!

Mother used loose tea, of course, and this always had tea in it.  It was never sweetened, and I remember adding a teaspoon of sugar to my glass before I poured the tea in, stirring to help it dissolve, then adding the ice to the glass last.

3)  I love the way these shutters look after Macho Man and Munchkin #1 worked on “refreshing” them during the recent camping visit.

The 16-year old shutters look brand new!  

4)  I love the way the birds enjoy the bird feeder, of course, and I also love the way it appeals to other wildlife in our yard.

We have some brave bunnies this summer!  

5)  I love this series of books!  

I have been rereading them and find myself comforted by them during these uncertain times!

Sending you comforting and encouraging thoughts!  Be safe, and stay well!


  1. Oh, Sister! How well I remember that teapot! Yes, Mother always made fresh tea daily, and that was before we knew that sweet tea was a Southern "thing!" I'm not familiar with that author who's been such an encouragement to you, but I'll have to look up some of her writings. Among my five favorite things would have to be DARK chocolate! Your shutters look fresh and new, so that was a great job by Macho Man and #1 Munchkin. I send pleasant and hopeful thoughts back to you. Love you!

  2. I really enjoyed reading all the Jan Karon books too.
    Reading the first Miss Read book now and will finish it later.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your five on Friday photos, Nellie! Your mother's teapot reminds me of one just like it that my Mama had. It's nice to recognize the good things that are happening in our lives these days. Take care of yourself and enjoy the weekend.

  4. Hello again, Sister! I did some research and discovered that, while I'm not familiar with the name Jan Karon, I have heard a lot of good things about her Mitford series of books, and I've now ordered three of them to keep me out of trouble while I'm sitting around here at home. Hope your day has gone well, and I'll probably chat with you soon via email. Love you!

  5. Love that series, too. It's not half as bad as moving. I don't have to pack and discard everything, just shift most things around the apartment. But I'm sure at some point I will move and this is just the nudge I need to clear things out. I'd love a piece of the blackberry velvet cake, please. Maybe next year in Tennessee. Just finished up the hand sanitizer that was part of the set you gave me. So appreciated!