Friday, October 30, 2020

Another five on Friday....

 There were a number of years that I greeted Friday with great joy!  It seemed to take forever for a Friday to arrive!  Now, I hardly turn around twice, and here we are at another Friday.

What are some things that have brought me joy this week?

1.  Did you know that National Chocolate Day was Wednesday?  That means, of course, that enjoyment of all things chocolate was strongly encouraged!  I celebrated with this....

Hot chocolate with smashmallows!  Such a treat!

2.  I may have mentioned before that my “green thumb” is severely lacking.  Plants actually run the other way when they see me coming!  I was at first skeptical; however, it’s evident that the petunia that bloomed so cheerily during the summer reseeded, and we have blossoms!
It will need protection tonight!  Freezing temperatures are predicted!

3.  We had a visit on Sunday from the Country Girl, and she brought along our grand dog!
Gwen is her name.  Isn’t she pretty?  

4.  We’ve had rain this week, compliments of Zeta.  This was a view we enjoyed when we took advantage of a break in the rain to work in our daily walk.

5.  Since childhood, I have been a fan of baseball.  In the past number of years, however, following the game has been something only done during the World Series.  This year, the Dodgers and Tampa Bay played six games.  That’s how many games were needed for the Dodgers to win the World Series!  I was a childhood Dodger fan, and the Dodgers winning this year brought me joy!  

What about you?  Have there been special things that have brought you joy this week?  

Are you staying safe and healthy?  Take care of yourself!


  1. I've never been a sport fan but I'm happy for you that you team won. Maybe it's because my husband never was a sport fan either.
    Every year, I find some of the plants reseed themselves and blossom. I call the serendipity plants. I recognize the seedlings when very young and I usually repot them. I have had, marigold, petunias, lobelias, and pansies that reseeded itself this summer and bloomed till heavy frost. It always makes me happy. Today I saw a few leaves on my huge poinsettias that are turning red. They are so large that they are not getting enough sun on one side and are getting crowded.
    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Now I could do Chocolate Day every day! I love hot chocolate from my new Velvetiser, and it's my lockdown treat as I am not going to any kind of eatery. I have also found perfect vegan marshmallows, so my treat is complete! I do like the soft perspective in the view you see on your walk. I hope that next spring you'll see even more petunia plants shooting up to say hello!
    Stay safe and well,
    Deb in Wales

  3. Well, Sister, I make it a point to have some good dark chocolate every day! Good for the heart, "they" say.....I just know it's great for my tastebuds! I have at least two things for this Saturday--I'm in Knoxville now, and my son has my laptop up and running, so now I'm connected to the 'net! Things aren't going as planned, but they're all right. I love your view, your treat, your lovely petunia, and your grand dog Gwen! Have a wonderful day. Love you!