Saturday, October 10, 2020

On the menu....

 How is your weekend going thus far?  Have you had some special things happening already?

There was no special breakfast treat here today, unless you consider this special.

It’s special to me as it features raspberries straight from our fall-bearing plants! Also, it’s special since two of my favorite things were available on the grocery order on Friday - Fage Yogurt and Love Crunch Peanut Butter Granola!

We did, however, have a special treat for afternoon tea while watching a college football game!

Sneaking a little glaze on top of these Pumpkin Scones! 

How would you have yours?  Clotted cream?  Pumpkin butter?  I must confess that I just added some simple butter to mine.  Apple Cider Tea?  Perfect for a rainy day!  Yay for fall!

On the menu for Sunday Lunch....
Pumpkin Sage Ravioli, with a little mild Italian giardiniera alongside.  Some herb and cheese focaccia.  Green beans, perhaps.  Dessert....always dessert!  

Hoping to see you on Monday for a recap!  

Science knows best!!!!


  1. Your scones are beautiful, Nellie! I'll have mine with clotted cream, though I'd be happy with one and a cup of tea! Your raspberries must be delicious with yogurt and granola. Enjoy your evening, my friend. xo

  2. Ooh my...those scones *drool*.
    Looks like your weekend has included lots of goodies, I think we could all use more sweetness in our lives these days 😂
    Enjoy your weekend Nellie xx

  3. Well, Sister, it all sounds (and looks) good to me! Do I HAVE to choose? Sorry, no can do! My weekend thus far has also included that same college football game you were probably watching, and I surely do wish we could have had a different result. Oh, well....there's always next week. Enjoy your SONday. Love you!

  4. Nellie, when I turn on Blogger and I see a blog from you, my heart goes pitter patter with excitement to see what delights you are tempting us with today. My, how delicious home grown raspberries are, like nothing else at all. As for pumpkin scones, I must go look for a recipe. What have you started?
    Stay safe and well, Deb xo