Monday, October 19, 2020

Why not?

 If one is making pastry for a savory pumpkin dish, why not make that a two-crust effort and make one for a sweet pumpkin dish?  Well, why not use up all the leftover pumpkin and make TWO desserts rather than just one?

That’s how we came up with TWO desserts for Sunday Lunch....the first Pumpkin Pie of the season, and another recipe for Pumpkin Brownies!  There are still lots of pumpkin goodies to be enjoyed this month.  What is your favorite way to enjoy pumpkin?

There was a main course to experience before dessert time....

We had not enjoyed Chicken Parmesan in a very long time!  Green beans are hiding in that covered pumpkin.  Not shown in the picture is a little sautéed spinach, a favorite of mine!  

Oh!  That Pumpkin Quiche....the new recipe?  It was a hit!  It will be added permanently to my recipe file!

Are there any baseball fans out there?  The World Series begins on Tuesday with the Los Angeles Dodgers from the National League playing Tampa Bay of the American League!  Are you ready for popcorn and cracker jacks?  Do you have a favorite team?  Play ball!

Continue to take proper precautions!  We are at a very serious time with this pandemic!


  1. Sister, I LOVE the way you always come up with something new to entice us! The Husband is one blessed guy when you walk into your kitchen. Pass me one of those pumpkin brownies, please! :-) WAY back when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn, I loved hearing those famous names that we no longer hear - Pee Wee Reese, Gil Hodges, Duke Snider, and that famous catcher Roy Campanella. Back then, the Dodgers and the Yankees were fierce rivals, and I rooted for the Dodgers because they were the first team to have a black player, Jackie Robinson. I learned about him when our school showed his movie story, and I quickly became a fan of the team that gave him a chance to prove what he could do. Well, I'm taking up too much of your blog space, so I'd best hush two minutes ago! I guess I'll still root for the Dodgers, although I couldn't tell you the name of even one of their players, or even their coach, today! Love you!

  2. The pumpkin brownies look delicious, Nellie. The best pumpkin item I've ever had was a pumpkin cookie, made by a co-worker long time ago at a newspaper. I wish I had asked her for the recipe.


  3. It took me a while to acquire a taste for Pumpkin Pie, but now I love it. I never had pumpkin anything until I moved to America, we didn't even see them on Hallowe'en! {I know!} I like to eat them in savoury dishes and a favourite way is cut a small, culinary pumpkin in wedges, brush with oil, sprinkle with a herb or spice of choice and roast in a hot oven, skin and all. I may be baking brownies later, so I shall look up a pumpkin recipe! Glad you enjoyed the pumpkin quiche!

  4. Lovely! I'm a huge fan of pumpkin. Just made pumpkin muffins. Next up, pie!

  5. Nellie, I used to watch baseball with my dad. I remember Red Barber and Dizzy Dean as sports casters. I never really had a favorite team, other than my grandson's little league. LOL. I am wanting my daughter to make me me a chocolate pumpkin dump cake. Oh so good. I got a sweet card on the mail recently. Thank you so much. Blessings to you my dear friend, xoxo, Susie

  6. My favorite pumpkin dish is pumpkin bread.
    No baseball fans at my house.

  7. I love a good pumpkin pie. After having a Costco pumpkin pie last year I don't think I could make one as good! lol
    I also love pumpkin muffins. xo Diana

  8. Hi Nellie...My twin grandsons, age 5, love pumpkin bread from Starbucks. At $2.75 a slice, it's an expensive treat. So I experimented with recipes including one that said it was "Better Than Starbucks Pumpkin Bread." I tried it and it is true. It's better than the real thing! By the way, Nellie, I want to thank you for your many sweet visits and comments on Writing Straight from the Heart. Always pleased when you visit. Susan