Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday’s Five Things....

 How are you doing at the close of another work week?  How is the news in your area regarding the pandemic?  The numbers continue to be less than encouraging where we are, and we continue to follow that “safe at home” policy.

There are many things that have brought me joy this week!  Let’s begin with this one....


 As I sit in my reading corner, I am able to view these prints by Pat Buckley Moss.  She has added her famous geese to a couple of areas on my college campus.  The prints were sold several years ago to benefit a program of the college.  The top is of the chapel, opened in the fall of 1958 when I was a freshman. The bottom one is a view of the observatory.  I love the work of this artist!

2)  Several months ago, I shared with you about planting a half of a red pepper.  I love that we have this to show for that effort....

They have both now been brought in as we have a frost advisory for overnight tonight!  Have you had frost where you are?

We have a couple of poplar trees on the back of our property.  They are the first to begin changing color, going from green to yellow, and they are the first to lose those yellow leaves.  

3)  I love the silvery color to the trunk as the leaves fall, showing this aspect of the tree’s beauty. 

We were treated to this special sight one afternoon this week....

The butterfly, on its journey south, paused for awhile on the Happa Pink hardy hibiscus!
4)  I love that I was outside at this moment and was able to catch a picture of it as it passed through.

5)  These pink roses are bringing me joy.  It continues to amaze me what we are able to order online and pick up curbside at the grocery store!

Life may not always “come up roses;” hopefully you are able to find some joy in each day!

Take care, and stay well!


  1. Good evening, Sister! I always enjoy your "Friday Fives," and today is no exception! The campus of your alma mater is one of the prettiest I've seen, and this artist does a wonderful job of capturing it to be shared! Our leaves here change differently and are not quite as nice as in other parts of the country; not much yellow or orange here. When we lived in E TN, there was a HUGE elm across the road from our apartment, and I took a series of pictures of it at various stages of change. Some years it became a brilliant yellow, while other years it was orange - not sure what made the difference. Maybe I'll be able to see that "tree across the road" again before long! Pink has long been one of your favorite colors, and I LOVE your roses! Grocery stores have done an admirable job of adapting to today's shopping methods. I've learned that there's a difference between happiness and joy; happiness depends on happenings, while joy depends on Jesus, and He's one constant in our lives, if we'll allow Him to be. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Love you!

  2. Good Morning from Wales, Dear Nellie. What a lovely treat to find your words and pictures as I sip my first coffee of the morning. Well done on the pepper! You will happily enjoy and I am sure it will taste so good. I love the picture of the poplar tree so much.
    As for the "Other Thing" that is happening, it looks as if Wales will be thrust into a "Circuit Breaker" full lockdown for three weeks from next week. Heigh ho!, but folks just won't do what they're supposed to do and now we all pay the price to, once again, reduce the spread and protect our NHS.
    Hugs, Deb xoxo

  3. I love Pat Buckley Moss. I have two of her prints in my bedroom, where I can see them from the bed. We definitely don't have frost here. We're thrilled because it's 75 degrees instead of 85. We open the windows and keep the backdoor open so the dogs can wander in and out.