Friday, October 9, 2020

That “Friday Five....”

 Once again, our Friday has been a busy one!  How about yours?

1)  I have always loved that there are seasonal decorations during this time of year, even if they look like this....

Oooo!  Something scary this way comes!  This was spotted in a neighbor’s tree this week during a walk. 

2)  I love to try new recipes, and this week was a good time to try this....

This is Autumn-Spiced Pumpkin Shortbread from a newspaper recipe I’ve had for quite awhile.  There is a sprinkling of glazing sugar sprinkled on top when it comes from the oven.  It was OK, though probably won’t be a repeat.

3)  I love a cozy meal anytime, but especially in the fall.  

Braised beef over mashed potatoes “hit the spot!” 

4)  I love a routine.  It has always been helpful for me, particularly when making menu plans.  Much of the time, we’ve focused on some kind of fish on Friday.  

Salmon patties served with peas and potatoes are a less costly way to enjoy fish.
5) I love apples!  Displayed is good, though eating enjoyment is better.;-)

There was some baking of apples this week; love having them in the freezer to take out during the winter! Didn’t manage to get a picture taken.  Here, you see Susan Branch’s “Autumn” book, plus there’s some Apple Spice biscotti, perfect with that cup of coffee!

How has this week been for you?  How are you feeling?  Are you continuing to be careful when/if you have to be out in public?  Hopefully you are taking care of yourself and wearing a mask when you are going out among people, if you must do that.  Wash your hands often!  Be safe, and stay well!  


  1. Good evening, Sister! Great to see you came up with 5 more things you love! Our list of things we love should be endless, with a lot of thankfulness thrown in as well. Your food always makes my mouth water, and I can just taste that beef with mashed potatoes! I've not been out much this week, although I had planned to take care of a couple of errands. I do check my mail daily, and I wear my mask when I go out for that simple chore. I hope you're staying well and enjoying your neighborhood. Love you!

  2. Good Morning Nellie, from wildly windy west Wales! Did you know that Apple Day is nigh? I shall eat a special apple on that day and think of you, my apple loving friend. Sorry the pumpkin shortbread fell short of the mark, it looks rather delicious. I wonder if you could use it as a base for something else, or crumbled in an October themed Cranachan or Eton Mess? ooops, talking food again!

  3. Good morning, Nelly. Your post is looking delicious today. Our neighbour gave us plums from his tree yesterday. We had a bag last week from his wife which we thoroughly enjoyed fresh, and we plan to freeze these for plummy recipes in the winter. I love Susan Branch's Autumn book. I love all her books, probably you do too.

    Wishing you a pleasant weekend.