Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday’s post....

 We continue to be in the midst of very serious times.  COVID-19 is still very much with us!  No cure has been discovered!  It is not on the way out!  Yesterday, the United States hit a record number of reported cases, highest since a few months ago.  We have not “rounded the corner!”   In our local county, deaths are barely short of 100, and the hospitalization count is not far from 70!  

The Husband and I continue to follow strict guidelines.  We wear masks when we are out for curbside pickup, although we have no need to be out of the car and in public.  We haven’t been with any groups, either small or large, since March 12.  Even when our family visited in early July, we wore masks and followed social distancing guidelines.  We continue to place orders for groceries and other items via Instacart, and we continue to wipe down our purchases.  This is definitely a stressful and anxious time!

We make an effort to find that which brings joy to our days through this time of self-isolation, and I keep a journal - of sorts - daily to detail our activities and current feelings.  This Friday post is an effort to keep those things which bring us joy in the forefront of our minds as we finish up this week.

(1)  This week, we were happy to be able to have one of our cars serviced - safely!  There was definitely ample disinfecting spray applied to the interior of the car when we went to pick it up, and minimal time spent - wearing masks, of course - to take care of any needed transactions.  

(2)  The unexpected arrival of this package brought joy....

Handmade by a friend in New Jersey, this seasonal mask will add a real designer touch when out and about, although we will stay in the car!

(3)  It is always a pleasure to receive greetings of the season....

These from friends in Pennsylvania and North Carolina brought a smile to my face!

(4)  I nearly always have my coffee black; however, when this appeared on the Aldi order screen for the Instacart shopper, I knew I had to try for this treat!

It isn’t October without Pumpkin Spice, is it?  This has a really good flavor!

(5)  Another surprise arrived through the mail, and it will receive daily use!

A great way to begin the day is with a focus on that which is greater than we are!  It has been a real help to keep our eyes on our faith, and this gift from a friend in Pennsylvania will assist us in that!

(6)  Adding an extra one today....having to do with baseball!  We have enjoyed watching the World Series this week, though I will confess that it stays on later than we are accustomed to staying awake; therefore, we don’t know the final score until the next morning.  With the series tied at 1 and 1, we hope to be watching some baseball again this weekend!

May you find that which brings you joy in the days ahead!  Be safe, and stay well!


  1. Good evening, Sister! You know one huge thing that's bringing me joy at this time in my life--moving back to Tennessee!!! Of course, that involved a lot of work as I sort through piles and piles of "stuff," but it'll be worth it once I set foot at the foot of those beautiful Smoky Mountains! Can you tell I'm excited?!? There have been times that I've had to be out of my car, but I always wear a mask (none are as pretty as yours), and I carry sanitizing wipes to clean the handles of the electric cart I'm fortunate to find available. Riding is SO much easier on my aging legs than walking! Have a peaceful evening. Love you!

  2. Wales is back on a full 17 day long "Fire Break" lockdown, just like we had in March, so essential shopping and travel only once more. Numbers are steadily climbing again and people just won't do as they should. This is being done to try and protect the NHS as we move into the worst Winter months and 'flu season.
    Non essential shops and businesses are now closed, and food shops are only allowed to sell essential items, which is causing confusion over what is and isn't essential.
    Such a pretty mask you have there, really autumnal fabric. On the rare days I have to go out, I use mask, gloves, and sanitiser.
    Stay safe and well, Dear Nellie! xoxo

  3. What lovely little pleasures to keep the spirits up. And such a pretty mask to help bring those smiles that no one sees these days. I try to remember to make definite eye contact with the very few people I do come across. Light still shines in the eyes, thankfully, and the crinkles around the eyes help indicate smiles, too.

    Please keep safe and happy thoughts for the weekend. So enjoyed your chatty post, Nelly.

    Heart hugs,
    Brenda xo

  4. Sorry, I spelled your name wrong, Nellie, in my earlier comment.

  5. Like your face mask. A blogger friend made Ken and I some masks. : ) Don't think this virus is going away any time soon.
    Like you we enjoy the simple pleasures each day. :)

  6. Nellie, I enjoyed reading about your joy filled gifts. The mask is so nice for Autumn days. Our morning newspaper carries totals for our area and the numbers are going up again. We have not rounded a corner! How sad this issue is partisan. It sounds like the two of you are being safe. Continue doing so, my friend. xo

  7. Nellie, I am glad you're staying safe. I haven't been inside a store in over 7 months. I'm not a "recreational shopper," but I do miss selecting my own produce. Fine home-cooked meals, like yours, are what my husband calls "a real morale booster." And we keep in touch with people via email, online and phone calls.