Thursday, January 24, 2013

Before it's over....

The month of January is passing quickly, and I need to share these pictures before the month is over!  It will soon be time to change "the look!"

Blue and white!

I have always liked blue and white, regardless of the season, and I think it is very appropriate for January.  This is the table setting in the dining room.  The china is Strawberry and Vine by Wedgewood, the crystal is Lady Anne by Gorham, and the silver is Rondo by Gorham.

Blue and white teacups and saucers!

I have been collecting the Wedgewood china for just a few years, and I only have one cup and saucer.  It was a stroke of luck to find 8 dinner plates and salad plates a couple of  years ago at a local antique store - at a terrific price!  Since I had been collecting blue and white teacups and saucers in varying patterns, I have found that they in fit nicely  with the table setting!

Winter mugs!

 The winter mugs are displayed in the kitchen shelf, not usually in a straight line.:-)  I grouped them together so it would be easier to take a picture.:-)

Covered with snowflakes!

Whew!  Taking all those pictures was tiring!:-)  Won't you join me in a cup of tea?

Well, the weather forecast is a bit ominous for Friday around here.  This time, the word "ice" is being mentioned!  Yikes!  I certainly don't like ice storms!  I'll keep you posted!:-)

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. I love blue china, you have some beauties, we live in iceland, literally!

  2. Blue and white always makes a lovely table setting. I do like the snowflake cup and teapot. Its freezing today so a cup of hot tea is perfect

  3. You are sharing just beautiful photos, of your "things" with us! Lovely!

    I especially love those white with a raised pattern dishes in the first pic. Strawberry and Vine by Wedgewood. Just lovely!

    This actually a bit funny for me, since I always tend to softly pretty flowers, on dishes. But yours are beeeeeeeeeautiful.

    More please? -gigggles- 'Cause I never get enough of pic of around Dear REader's homes. :-)


  4. Nellie, My china is blue and white...I wish I had the good sense to buy a white set. You can mix and match things with it easier.xoxo, Susie

  5. The blue and white china is so sweet! I have a couple of small sets I need to get out and use in a tablescape soon!
    Stay warm.

  6. I would love a cup of tea Nellie!!

    Your dishes are so pretty. Blue is my favorite color so I like the blue and white combination.

  7. I love the white wedgewood dishes, so very pretty.

  8. You have some really wonderful pieces and sets to make your home look lovely at any season! I also love the blue and white, and the turtleneck that I wore this morning is white with blue and violet snowflakes printed on it! It's the one winter shirt that I can safely wear after Christmas without being looked at strangely! :-) I'm planning to hunker down and hope the power does not go out if that ice storm actually does roll in! Sure am glad I don't have to go to work in such a mess any longer!

  9. I hope you don't have an ice storm. Those things are so destructive.
    I love your dishes. I loved that you found some in an antique store like that. That is always fun.
    How are you doing with your computer now, it looks like you are doing just fine.

  10. I think your blue and white is very much a January color.
    I hope you do not get the ice storm.

  11. Oh Nellie..I love all your dishes and cups! Blue and white are also a favorite of mine! BUt your snowmen coffee/tea cups are my favorite!! I have quite a collection of them! smile~ Please stay in and stay safe...that snow & ice are o dangerous.


  12. Nellie- I used to have a lot of blue and white but gave most of it to one of my daughters. I still love it and think it is always in style- xo Diana

  13. I'm trying to remember the last time there was an entire place setting out around here. I'll bet it's been at least 25 years.

    Stay warm!

  14. Oh, I like your snowflake ware!