Friday, January 11, 2013


Our weather is not anything like winter at present.  In fact, the predicted low temperatures are in line with the normal high for this time of year!  It is actually not too unusual to have weather that isn't too much like winter.   This was often the case when I was teaching.   That was when this had to substitute for snow.

Crafts - and movies!

I would read a version of "Hans Brinker" to the class, then we would watch the movie.   Along with "Heidi," we would have a good introduction to what life is like where there is snow and ice.  Making paper snowflakes was always a good craft session.

Books for the season.

These are some good books to read during the winter weeks.  I also enjoy Robert Frost's poetry, and "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening" is one of my favorites.

Is there anything YOU do to give you a taste of winter when the weather systems are not bringing it your direction?   While I'm not wishing for a blizzard, it would be nice to see just a little snow once during the winter.:-)

More January gifts in the next post.

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Nellie, I love all your books.Are you a book person?? Our snow is melting away fast, we had rain last night, today and some for tomorrow too. Hope I won't need a boat later.xoxo,Susie

  2. My last comment did not publish. Me'thinks Blogger is having problems. Grrrr...

    Quickly, I love that you brought winter to your classes! I love that you show us, the special winter books. I LOVE bloggers showing us, as well as telling us. :-))))))))


  3. While I do enjoy seeing a beautiful covering of that lovely white stuff on the ground, I do NOT enjoy the traffic problems it seems to create around here! Our beautiful mountains create a need for curvy roads, and some folks do not realize that they need to be more careful when driving those roads. I'm quite content with whatever weather we have, and I know that it will always change in a few days! :-)

  4. All of my favorites too. I have been reading a bit of Heidi to myself each day while I am doing school. I love that book. I also love Hans Brinker. I am usually pining away for spring this time of year but I am really enjoying winter so it has been nice. I love " Stopping by Woods on a snowy Evening." My copy that is my favorite the illustrations are black and white and then one thing will be color like a cardinal on the page. Such lovely books for winter.

  5. Hello and Good Afternoon, Our snow is melting very fast and at night what is left is icing over. What great books! Enjoy your evening, Anna

  6. Heidi is sweet, but sweeter is all the ways you brought the season to life for your students. :)

    The Long Winter of Laura Ingalls Wilder's series is one of my favorite books and always brings the chill. It snowed here this Christmas but didn't in 2011, so I decorated our biggest window with snowflakes and a white snow village scene so we'd at least have that. ♥

  7. Amen to some snow.... I do NOT like this kind of weather in winter... I'm a cold-weather-lover ---and this stinks!!!!! Have you had the rain we have had? The sun is finally trying to come out this afternoon. Yeah to that!!!!

    In winter, I love doing Genealogy.. That's the best season for me to work on it. SO much fun!!!


  8. I get plenty of a taste of winter here. LOL

    I just bet you were one super teacher and your students loved you!

  9. Paper snowflakes are about all we get here. On the rare occasion it snows, it's a BIG thing. Rain, on the other hand, we've been getting. Considering the drought conditions, I know I shouldn't complain... but I do anyway.

  10. Weather doesn't really bother me all that much. I don't care if it snows or not.

  11. Nellie-I love your books- there is nothing like a good book in the winter-especially by a cozy fireplace- xo Diana

  12. Did you see in the news that Jerusalem got snow? Shimon Peres made a snowman as big as himself! Benyamin Netanyahu got snowballs thrown at him - I guess they told everyone to stay off the roads and enjoy it with their families.

  13. Nellie...Since we get so much winter...normally...I do nothing to bring winter to us. lol However, there are days when we have so much winter that I love to read about spring...and wish for warmer days. (Never satisfied are we...ha..ha)