Thursday, January 17, 2013

Step by step...

Step by step I am learning what I don't know about this computer.:-)  Let's see what I manage to accomplish with this post!:-)

When the laptop "crashed," I was actually out-of-town.  The past week-end was time for the UMW Leadership Development Days at Lake Junaluska, NC.  Thankfully, there was no snow that interfered with the plans for this training session.  It was the first time I had been to Lake Junaluska in the winter time. 

On the drive over the mountain, I tried to take this picture.

Clouds over the mountain.

This was an amazing view!  The picture just doesn't do it justice!

From the hotel at Lake Junaluska on Sunday morning, I took these pictures.

Sunrise over the lake.

Just turned to the west.

Back toward the east.

Seconds after the first view to the east.
I may be "pushing my luck" with this one, so I'll go ahead and try to post.:-) 

Our rain gauge has measured almost 8 inches of rain since it began late Sunday afternoon!  Now there is a chance of snow in the area for Thursday afternoon!  Flooding has been a major problem in surrounding counties, and now snow may be added to compound the problem! 

Stay safe and warm!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Nellie, I am sorry to hear of the flooding. It is so scary. Hope and pray the rain stops and that the snow will pass over. We have been blessed with sunshine for 3 days now. I am loving it. I liked the sunrise photo. No one can make pretty like God does. xoxo,Susie
    P.S. I have been retired for 10 years also..but there is always paperwork.

  2. When enlarged, your photos are wonderful!!!

    5 photos! Super-dooooper! :-)

    Very sorry about the weather issues. Ugh...

  3. Oh, those sunrise pictures are magnificent! I've been through the mountain toward North Carolina, and that is some of the prettiest scenery anywhere, I believe! We are really blessed here in E TN. I'm hoping that there will be minimal damage to people's homes because of this recent flooding. So far, it appears that it's mainly affecting roadways, but there have been some reports of other damage. Whatever you do, stay safe!!!

  4. 8 inches of rain; we could sure use some of that here. Our deficit is still almost 10 inches below normal.

  5. Nellie, I read somewhere that people having problems uploading photos on Blogger should use Google Chrome, rather than Internet Explorer. Perhaps if you downloaded Chrome it would help. But these photos are all great shots, gorgeous scenery. Too much precipitation, though. xo

  6. Lovely photos. Really 8 inches so far? That is amazing. I think our cold is coming that way now isn't it? I always think it is so funny how storms from the Pacific come in and go all across the U.S.
    Well you are doing pretty well I think with learning lots of new things.

  7. Nellie I agree your photos are lovely. It's been raining here for days and it's cold also. Mostly I'm staying in and cleaning house. hugs, Linda

  8. It's snowing now as you know. Started about 2. I had to go to Ft. Sanders again and hurried back before the snow could get a foothold.

    Those are awesome pictures. I hope you took more and that you will share them.

    The rain just will not stop, will it?

  9. Your pictures are beautiful. Looks like you're getting hang of things just great!!

  10. Lake Junaluska is such a beautiful area, but I know how treacherous the roads can be in bad weather... I've driven on them!

    Stay warm and I'll keep my fingers crossed you get some much needed sun and drying out.

  11. Gorgeous photos. I love Junaluska --and glad you had good weather for that trip.

    We are getting NO SNOW today --but had a little freezing rain and some sleet here. I'm disappointed since they predicted that we'd get 3-5 inches... Duh!!!!! Bet you all do get some snow there.


  12. I have been perched in the window enjoying watching the white things falling from the sky. I don't think I have seen those before. I am fascinated with it.

  13. That skyline is so pretty. I hope the flooding concerns subside. Stay dry

  14. Beautiful pictures. I hope things are dryer. Certainly sensitive to too much water and flooding. Let me know what you are reading!

  15. Nellie, those sunset shots are incredibly gorgeous! FABULOUS JOB! Susan