Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's tradition....

Here we are at the second day of 2013!  How did you spend the first one? 

It is traditional for us to enjoy black-eyed peas on New Year's Day.  A Brit in Tennessee had a very informative post about the history of this tradition on her blog on Tuesday.  It was something new for me to learn.

I actually can't remember a New Year's Day when we didn't have black-eyed peas.  There were a few times that they were part of the bean soup that was enjoyed, but usually it has just been black-eyed peas.  That is how we began our year on Tuesday.

A tasty lunch....

It is said that the black-eyed peas were to represent coins, the green would represent the "green" of wealth, and the cornbread would represent gold.  Steamed cabbage was our "green," and we enjoyed some ham as well.

I hope your New Year is off on a good beginning.  I look forward to each new day!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. I love this tradition and I think its so important to keep them alive!

  2. i love black eyed peas. i usually can find fresh ones!

  3. No New Year's Day Traditions here...


  4. Our tradition is ham and scalloped potatoes. But I would like to grab that piece of cornbread. I love it but have never tried to make it.

  5. I don't eat black eyed peas but think it's a fun tradition!

  6. That looks very tastey. I have never ever had black-eyed peas so maybe I will have to try them sometime. Have a wonderful day.

  7. I had black eyed peas once in a marinated bean "dip", I thought I had a can of lentils in my pantry but it turned out to be split pea soup! It is an Italian custom to eat a spoon of lentils on New Year's. I did have ham. I need to catch up with the greens and beans. xo

  8. Well, I have a hubby that won't eat black-eyed peas, turnips, or brussels sprouts, so I enjoyed those on my own yesterday! He got a couple of bacon/cheese dogs, which made him very happy! I didn't bother to make cornbread, though, because I would have ended up eating WAY too much of it myself. Sometimes, it's just better to keep the temptation away altogether!!

    Happy New Year to all of your followers! :-)

  9. Yum !
    And we are eating them again today, so surely our luck will be forthcoming in this New Year :)
    Your plate of New Year's tradition, looks delicious.
    Happy New Year !

  10. I hope your new year is filled with lots of luck!!

  11. OH! Steamed cabbage? Ham? y mom says YES!!! She also loves blackeyed peas.

  12. I've never had black eyed peas and we don't have any new years traditions.
    It was just a regular day at my house. I cleaned out a closet. : )

  13. I love your tradition. You couldn't find a plate of either of those here. I really miss grits the most of anything though. I make them sometimes but no one will eat them except for me- xo Diana

  14. Wow Nellie, my family ate that the same way. I wonder if they were from the area you are in. No one around here ever had that same tradition.
    I always thought my Dad's family was different but they ate that every New Years Day when I was growing up.
    That is cool.

  15. yum! love your new years tradition!! and black-eyed peas!!
    enjoy your new year, you started it out right!