Sunday, January 20, 2013


Last Sunday, I was at Lake Junaluska, NC for UMW Leadership Development Days.  Much of my blog this week has been about my time there. 

This was the worship center that greeted us when we went to the auditorium for worship on Sunday morning.

Our worship emphasis for the time there was on the Ruth and Naomi story.  We were challenged to be alert to the Ruths and Naomis of our own time.

In the UMW Prayer Calendar for today, the Mission Focus is Camp Aldersgate Inc., Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Today is observed as Human Relations Day in the United Methodist Church.

Think about this quote today - "A hug is a great gift - one size fits all, and it's easy to exchange."
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  1. Nellie, I love the quote for today. :) Perfect.xoxo, Susie

  2. I love the story of Ruth and Naomi. Sounds like you had a great conference! I loev today's quote.

  3. I love the quote also, as well as the story of Ruth and Naomi. That story shows how much God blesses those who follow His leadership, and we all need to learn that lesson!

    Loving this sunshine one more day, and hope your day is going well, too! :-)

  4. Very nice my, one of my favorite books of all time is Ruth. I love it every time I read it more and more.
    Hugs are always in need I think. Have a wonderful start to your week.

  5. hi nellie, just checking in and hope you enjoy your day!! hugs to you!

  6. A favorite part of the Bible. Enjoy seeing your photos of Lake Junaluska. Our synagogoue shaes space with a Methodist Church and I enjoy reading about their activities.

  7. Love the quote and I have gotten to try on a LOT of hugs lately. Thank you Nellie. xox