Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What a difference....

......a day makes!  The previous post was about our ice storm, complete with pictures of our miniature icicles!  This is what greeted us on Saturday morning.

The temperatures had warmed during the night, the ice was melting, and there was fog so dense that I couldn't even see as far as the intersection at the end of our street, a distance that isn't far at all!

Looking across the street.

I couldn't even see the car in the driveway across the street!

In the back.

The ice was no longer our problem!  Now it was the fog!  We had nowhere to be on Saturday, either, and the fog did lift by midday.  We have been in the midst of warming temperatures since then.  However, that will not last long.  It is expected that we will have some more winter weather by Thursday!  That is how it is here in my hometown!

We recently entertained a few people for brunch.  The next post will be about that - and - there may even be recipes!:-)

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. LOVE photos of fog. It's so mysterious. And wraps everyday things, in its lovely soft smokey arms....

  2. same weird weather here too! i hope we get more winter!

  3. Yes, that fog was very dense!! I didn't get out and take any pictures of it, but wish I had. Always look forward to your meal plans and recipes! :-)

  4. Oh-Yes-the fog. We woke to freezing rain and, as the temperature started rising, we now have heavy fog. It is sort of comforting in a way as long as I don't have to drive in it- xo Diana

  5. We had fog too. Today is heavy rain with thunderstorms predicted.
    I repeat, I am ready for spring.

  6. Nellie, Our fog last night was spooky thick. Thank goodness today was better. But bad storms and heavy rain is forcasted for this evening. Cold again tomorrow. Crazy weather this winter. Take care.xo,Susie

  7. I love the fog photos, very ethereal. We've got the AC on.

  8. My TV weatherman (Todd on Channel 10) talked about the fog you all had... We didn't get much of that up here on the mountain--but we certainly had our share of ICE on Friday.


  9. Great photos...glad it burnt off and hopefully you were able to stay home!


  10. Like your foggy pictures. We have a bit of fog here today.

  11. Your photos are fabulous Nellie!! But don't we just have the craziest weather patterns to be all.