Monday, June 6, 2016

A new favorite....

Accepting a challenge to utilize my recipe stash, I turned once more to one from the internet.

Easy to mix....

Pan nicely filled....

Out of the oven....

....and we have a nice breakfast treat!  Munchkin the Younger declared this a thumbs-up!

I'm saving my bananas to make them again!:-)


  1. It looks like a very nice muffin. I have some bananas that are going to need to be turned into something. This might be a nice little treat. Have a lovely day.

  2. Well, Sister, you know that anything with chocolate chips in it will get a happy vote from me! Your Munchkins seem to have really good taste, and I'm sure they enjoyed their recent visit greatly! Have a terrific Tuesday! :-)

  3. They surely do look good, Nellie. I agree anything with chocolate chips is good to me! Enjoy your afternoon. ♥