Monday, June 20, 2016

From evening....

Taken on a pleasant evening....

....leading into the next morning!  Are you able to enlarge this picture to see that robin sitting in top of the cedar tree?  It was merrily chirping, greeting the day!

This leads us to Summer's official beginning!  It is also time for another full moon - the Strawberry Moon!  We've no cloudy skies expected, so hopefully we will be able to see the moon tonight!  These two events don't occur together very often!


  1. Oh yes, the Full Strawberry Moon, tonight!

    And also, the Summer Solstice today!

    Both, isn't that lovely...?

    Gentle hugs,
    ....Who is off with the faeries...

  2. The moon last evening was lovely, Nellie. I hope you enjoy your lovely view with the strawberry moon tonight. We have a warm day ahead with lot's of sunshine, so I'm sure we will see the beautiful moon this evening. ♥

  3. Nellie, Wishing you a happy summer . I love seeing the moon when it's full. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Very lovely, Sister! We aren't able to see the moon from our apartment, even if we go outside and walk to the street, which isn't likely to happen, but we do enjoy the light it sheds....among all the security lights here, of course! LOL Enjoy your day! Love you!

  5. It was pretty last night. It should be really nice tonight. My son and his wife just got back from Richmond Kentucky yesterday. They were shocked at no cars on the freeways. I laughed because they said, there are just no people. Do you know where that is, Richmond?

  6. I saw the strawberry moon tonight, took a few snapshots. I didn't know there was such a thing as a strawberry moon, but it sure looked like it was colored with strawberry juice.

  7. Strawberry Moon, I'd never heard of it either.
    Happy Summer to you.

  8. I've never heard of a strawberry moon before, but when Franklin and I returned from our evening walk I noticed the moon was beautiful.


  9. Hooray for pleasant summer evenings! I love them. :)