Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Thrilling Thursday tidbits....

 - That salad from the previous post -

The dish pattern is Nouveau Green by Colony, now discontinued.  The pan is Strawberries and Cream by Villeroy and Boch, also now discontinued.  Stainless is Chateau by Oneida.

 - The women's chorus had our debut performance for this season.  In step with our "Color My World" theme, we wore shirts in varying colors - green, yellow, red, lavender, and this blue -

The earrings that we wear are hanging on the collar.  Some wonderful crafty soul in the chorus made them for us a few seasons ago.  With white pants and white shoes, we do appear to be rainbow-related.:-)

 - Chevy Chase and Burt Reynolds - remember them?  Well, they've been in the area filming scenes for a movie.  Can't remember the title.  Anyway, I noticed trucks/trailers behind our neighborhood super market (a mile away), so I asked about them on one of my several days of stopping into the store last week. Turns out they were connected with the production of the movie!  Wouldn't you know that there had been some filming - at the store - the day before?!?  Burt Reynolds himself had actually been in the store!  Probably the only day of the week I hadn't "needed" to do any shopping!

- Just across the road from the aforementioned store, there is major construction underway!  Our county is adding a new middle school to the area where we already have an elementary school and a high school.  Are the roads sufficient to handle all this extra traffic?  Well, no!  In fact, there is a creek that will have to have a bridge built to cross it before actual construction on the middle school can begin.  So, there is a huge effort underway to take care of that, plus the addition of a necessary turn lane.  Thus far, we haven't been too negatively impacted by all this construction as we pass through this area everytime we head out to "civilization."

- Are you in the need of employment?  If so, give Zaxby's a call!  They have a new restaurant under construction in our neighborhood and need employees!

 - This week began with the Summer Solstice - and that Strawberry Moon.  Here is our view of the moon as it was rising.

 - Did you know that tomorrow - Friday, June 24 - is National Cream Tea Day?  Now you know so you are able to make your plans ahead of time.  I hope you will enjoy a special tea around 4:00 wherever you are!  It's a great way to ease into the week-end!

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  1. Well, I just love that dessert you made, and I'm sure you had very little of it left over! Lots of excitement in your end of town, and it's too bad you weren't able to catch a glimpse of Burt or Chevy yet. They'll be there a while longer, I believe, so there may still be hope! LOL Have a thoroughly thrilling Thursday, Sister, and thank you for that shot of the moon! Love you!