Tuesday, June 7, 2016

From my cookbook collection....

Continuing on with the challenge to prepare something from each of the cookbooks in my collection, today is from a favorite - Susan Branch!!

This one was published in 1988 and followed her first one, Heart of the Home.

Lemon Noodles is the recipe I chose from this book.

Here it is - ready to serve!  Yum!!  Very good with chicken, shrimp - even meatballs!  A perfect flavor for the season.  Isn't it time to eat yet?


  1. Good morning Nellie,
    When I saw this post in my reader, I just had to pop over to see what recipe you shared. Yep, the Lemon Noodles is definitely one of my favorites from this book too!

    I do hope you will be linking this post to Cookbook Wednesday especially since it just happens to be one of the cookbooks I'm giving away this week to one lucky visitor. I have a feeling you won't be entering lol but if you or anyone else would like to, you are all more than welcome:)

    Thank you so much for sharing Nellie..if you have a problem linking, I'll happily try for you.

  2. Oh, Sister! I love noodles, even though they have more carbs than I should have, and this sounds like a delicious addition to any meal! Have a wonderful Wednesday! Love you!

  3. Lemon noodles sound like a really great idea!

    mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  4. Hello dear Nellie! I had to comment as Vineyard Seasons is my favourite of all Susan's books, because it's the one that led to us becoming friends for almost the past 25 years! I found a copy over here...in 1991... never heard of Susan but I loved the look and feel of the book and the recipes. So I wrote to her c/o her UK publisher to let her know how much I'd loved it...(never done anything like that before!) and she wrote me back. The rest is history. Those noodles are a staple in this house! Xx

  5. Susan's Vineyard Seasons is a wonderful cookbook, Nellie. I have it and refer to it often. I haven't made the lemon noodles, but I must. My grandson is the carbo king and would love it I'm sure. Enjoy your cooking! xo ♥

  6. For some unknown reasons I love pasta and lemon together. I'd have that with prawns or seafood I think. And some beer. Very summery indeed.

  7. This looks very good. It is a keeper for sure. Hugs, LJ

  8. Last evening I prepared Crab Cakes from Susan's "The Summer Book'! So very good, even though, by mistake, I bought only half of the crab the recipe called for. I don't do math!!(lol) and I just messed up and bought only two eight ounce cartons of crab meat. Well, I had it all mixed together by the time I realized my mistake - the mixture was runny and just didn't seem right. I reread the recipe until I discovered my mistake. I decided to go ahead and have them for supper anyway. At that point, I was supposed to coat them with fresh bread crumbs and refrigerate them for at least an hour - I thought they might set up a little more. Well they did. I broiled them as directed and my husband and I enjoyed them so much! -slightly salty, but that might be due to missing crab. I served them on dainty greens and next time we might top the greens with a light lemon vinagrette. Okay, so the crab was pretty expensive. But, we really liked the recipe. I now would be brave enough to serve it for guests or family for an appetizer or light meal. My cooking goal for the summer, is to keep trying recipes from this recipe book of Susan's. I got to meet her in May on her book tour in Willamette, Illinois! I got to meet her a couple of years ago in Goshen, Indiana! WooHoo!