Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have been following several blogs that virtually teem with creativity!  There are some wonderful crafts that some of you are featuring in your Etsy shops.  While I have done quite a bit of sewing in past years, the sewing machine presently is languishing from idleness, and craft projects have always seemed to wind up in a state of incompletion for me.  The last thing I sewed was a pair of Raggedy Ann pajamas - from "vintage" fabric - for Little Munchkin almost three years ago!

The example that follows is something that was really within possibility for me to accomplish.  However, I picked it up at a craft shop a number of years ago to take to display in my third grade classroom.  When I retired nine years ago, I brought it home.  Hopefully you will be able to see how it looked when I washed it.

Oh, dear! Something happened to my "fluff!"

Just not very soft and fluffy at all!

Are you able to tell any improvement?

The stuffing in the pillow lost its body when I washed and dried it the last time.   This past week, after waiting nine years, I removed the old stuffing and added new polyester fiberfill to plump it up.  Oh, dear!  That means some needlework to stitch up the opening!  After only one prick of the finger with the needle, the opening was stitched, and the pillow was plump once again. 

This is an appropriate way to honor those whose sacrifices of past years enable us to recite this Pledge of Allegiance! 

May you have a good holiday week-end!

Incidentally, the pillow became part of a "Happy Summer Vacation" gift package for the Munchkins.:-) 

New followers - welcome!  I appreciate those of you who are following along, and I love your comments!

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  1. That is a very nice pillow. I think it looks great.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. That is a cute pillow. I always think of the Pledge of Allegiance as such a big part of my school years. xo

  3. -blush- I can't follow those blogs which are *teeeeeeeming* with creativity. A little here and a little there, I can take.

    But I don't do-that-stuff myself and although it's lovely that others enjoy it --- I get tired of reading and seeing it, all the time.

    Now your entry is just right!

    Yes, we should always remember "All who gave some and the Some who gave all."

  4. Like the pillow! I am glad you finally got it fluffed up again! I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend- xo Diana

  5. The pillow is great. What a wonderful teaching tool for your 3rd graders. I am glad you got it all nice and plump again.

  6. Hi Nellie...Nice job on the pillow! Also loved the photo of your garden.
    Thanks so much for your visit and comment to my blog! Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend! Susan

  7. That is a lovely pillow, and I'm sure the Munchkins will enjoy it for many years! I'm like some of the other followers. Crafting has never been one of my strong points, although I can always visualize a lovely project in my mind. Something always happens to it from the time it leaves my brain and travels to my fingers! :-) Some folks just seem to have "the knack" but I think my talents lie in different directions! Thanks for sharing this lovely pillow with us!

  8. Your pillow is perfect and it definitely now has the right amount of 'fluff.' Great sewing whether its today or three years ago. You've still got it girl! Have a wonderful Memorial Day Nellie!!

    Big Hugs,