Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunday's dessert....

As promised, I will share Sunday's dessert with  you in this post.  However, there is one "leftover" from the last post.  I have a picture of the Asparagus Quiche that I will post for you now.

                                 Nice and puffy!
I believe I mentioned that I omitted the saltine cracker crust.  The asparagus is really evident in the picture, too.  This is a very good, lowfat dish.:-)

Now, on to the best course - dessert!:-)  As we have been enjoying strawberry season, that was a logical choice for a dessert ingredient, and what better dessert than Strawberry Pie!  This recipe is one that I have had for many years, and I am not sure of the source.  It was probably printed in the newspaper at one point.

STRAWBERRY PIE (this is for one pie)

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
3 Tablespoons cornstarch
1/2 box (3-oz.) strawberry gelatin
2 cups whole strawberries, washed and caps removed
1 baked, cool pie shell

-Mix water, sugar, and cornstarch in saucepan; stir until smooth.  Bring to boil, stirring until it begins to thicken.  Add 1/2 box gelatin, stirring into mixture till thick.  Remove from  heat; cool.  Pour over strawberries that have been place in shell.  Chill one hour before serving. 
Servings - depends on the appetites of those who are being served!   The picture below shows what was left after serving only three!  (I didn't have any!)

                              Not many leftovers.:)
I have noticed new followers!  Welcome!  Thank you to each of you for reading.  I really enjoy your comments.

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  1. The quiche sounds so good and I love strawberry pie. Your recipe is very similar to mine.

  2. Yummm!!! Yes, both dishes sound wonderful to me! Thank you for the great ideas! :-)

  3. It's time to make strawberry pie again at our house! I can't wait to take Josie berry picking next month.

  4. Hi Nellie. Yum. I can see why there is not much leftover with the strawberry pie. Asparagus quiche sounds good, too. Thanks for your visit to my beloved blog. And your comment, too! Great to have you visit. Susan